Our Africa Trips

Mountain gorilla, Rwanda
Gorilla trekking & wild adventure in Rwanda
  • Encounter wildlife delights 9 days
  • Adventure rating
Zimbabwean eco lodge
Epic safari in Zimbabwe & Botswana
  • A wildlife dream 9 days
  • Adventure rating
Serengeti National Park
Be wowed by the wonders of Tanzania
  • A lifetime safari 9 days
  • Adventure rating
Blue city
Bask in bucket-list Morocco
  • Colour and culture 13 days
  • Adventure rating
Abseil South Africa
Smash your comfort zone in South Africa
  • Abseil Table Mountain 13 days
  • Adventure rating
Discover the ancient treasures of Egypt
  • Sailing and pyramids 9 days
  • Adventure rating
Toubkal summit view morocco;
Hike Mount Toubkal in Morocco
  • Hit the foothills 5 days
  • Adventure rating
Surfer on the ocean beach at sunset on Bali island, Indonesia;
Surfing and yoga in Morocco
  • Find your groove 9 days
  • Adventure rating

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