Our Asia Trips

Waterfalls & mountains in Sri Lanka
Experience rugged adventure in Sri Lanka
  • Waterfalls & cloud forests 10 days
  • Adventure rating
Tropical beauty & paradise sands in Thailand
  • Discover tropical Thailand 9 days
  • Adventure rating
Pink sand beach, Flores Indonesia
Jurassic beauty & dragon encounters in Indonesia
  • Here be dragons 8 days
  • Adventure rating
Discover the heart of Southeast Asia
  • Journey into Asia 9 days
  • Adventure rating
Langkawi Malaysia
Savour the delights of Malaysia
  • Beaches and rainforest 13 days
  • Adventure rating
Nepal adventure with Flash Pack
Hike the Everest trail in Nepal
  • One mighty trek 13 days
  • Adventure rating
Kiyomizu-dera Templ_kyoto
A sensory journey to Japan
  • Land of marvels 13 days
  • Adventure rating
Awaken your senses in northern India
  • Find wild tigers 10 days
  • Adventure rating
Get your chill on in Kerala
  • Unwind in style 8 days
  • Adventure rating
Vietnam Halong Bay
Discover the secrets of Vietnam and Cambodia
  • Kayak Halong Bay 14 days
  • Adventure rating
The ultimate Vietnam voyage
  • An express escape 8 days
  • Adventure rating
Sailing down the Mekong
Get off-grid in Thailand and Laos
  • Boat the Mekong 11 days
  • Adventure rating

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