This is how you can get 10 days’ extra holiday this year

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“Fancy 10 extra days of holiday?” is a question that falls into the category of “would you like another Malteser with that tea?” or “how about a weekend trip to Paris?”

We’re only ever going to answer it with yes. YES. Yes with bells and tinsel on.

Thanks to a fateful alliance of weekends and bank holidays in Britain next year, beleaguered workers nation-wide have the opportunity to take a full 24 days off work for the price of just 14 days annual leave.

Book your holiday from the Saturday 5th May to Tuesday 29th May 2018, and you’ll benefit from four weekends and two May bank holidays all rolled in one potent, escape-of-a-lifetime hit.

That chunk of 24 days is enough to plan a really substantial getaway to somewhere exotic and glorious.

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A soul-searching sojourn to Japan, say. Or island-hopping on a private boat off the shores of Colombia. How about a spot of seal-swimming in the ever-magnetic South Africa?

It’s all yours for the taking – without any call for eating into your rare and treasured leave.

24 days off: just enough time to finesse your floating prowess somewhere warm and balmy…


A third of Brits don’t take full advantage of their allocated holiday at work, which is a travesty when you think about the boundless potential for adventure that’s just lingering there on the horizon.

The problem is, it can be difficult to book a serious slab of time off during any one period.

Some people prefer to divide their leave into lots of mini-breaks, while others simply get sucked into a thankless cycle of over-time and presenteeism. Still more get told they can’t overlap time off with other team members.

A proper, lengthy holiday is key if you really want to unwind, however.

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Cognitive research shows that proper time out from work in a different environment helps us to focus better and think more creatively as a result.

“The impact that taking a vacation has on one’s mental health is profound,” Francine Lederer, a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles tells ABC News. “Most people have better life perspective and are more motivated to achieve their goals after a vacation.”

Holidays make you more creative. FACT.


“Familiarity and routine can stifle our desire to explore and understand,” adds behavioural scientist Jon Levy, in a piece for

“Creativity can be seen as the ability to make connections between disparate ideas, but unless you have explored a wealth of experiences, you will not have anything to draw from. Going on vacation provides a wealth of novelty to spur creativity.”

There’s a ready-made argument for your boss right there…

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If someone from your work has already got in on the May holiday hack (damn them), you could try Easter instead. By booking time off between Saturday 24th March and Monday 9th April, you get 16 days off for the price of eight days’ annual leave.

That’s a break that spans three weekends, as well as Good Friday and Easter Monday bank holidays.

Did someone say ice-cold mojito on a Panglao Island beach? We’re in.

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