Is Flash Pack Insiders for you?

We’ll start by saying that, whilst this scheme is incredibly exciting, it’s not for everyone. 

This is the first time we’ll be running these trips, so we’re looking for flexible, open-minded travellers, for whom a few bumps in the road are all part of the adventure. 

To be one of our Insiders, you’ll also need to be willing to give daily, in-depth feedback, so that we can iron out any issues in the future.

The discount is fantastic, but if you prefer your adventures to run smoothly and stress-free – with no expectation of feedback – we recommend opting for one of our established (non-discounted) adventures.  

Welcome to Flash Pack Insiders

Are you a seasoned adventurer with an open mind? 

We want you to work alongside us, to experience things for the first time and help us build the world’s best travel itineraries.

As our ideal Insider, you’ll have a strong sense of adventure, a curious mind and a flexible attitude when things don’t quite go according to plan (that’s what your incredible discount is for). 

The brief

Your mission will be to help us shape exceptional itineraries, in exchange for the opportunity to travel with us at an exclusive reduced price.

And how you’ll do it? You’ll be sent off on assignment to one of our brand new destinations, where you’ll complete a daily, in-depth feedback report. 

When you return from your adventure, you’ll collaborate with our Product Creators to shape the final itinerary. 

Sound good? Simply book your place onto your destination of choice, and our Customer Experience Team will be in touch to confirm your acceptance.

*Please don’t book any flights until your place is confirmed.


„Great company, great trip. I was lucky enough to go on the Insider Tour of Sri Lanka which meant they were still reviewing activities and hotels on the trip and would like the travellers feedback which we all gave along the way which Flash Pack took seriously enough to ensure the next trip had these changes in place“

Diane- Sri Lanka Insider (via Feefo)