Moroccan town

Why choose Morocco? Let us set the scene- you’re sipping fresh mint tea on a rooftop terrace, you’ve spent the day trekking through Berber villages and now you’re watching the sun slowly set behind the Atlas Mountains – need we say more? After haggling like a pro in Marrakech, glamping beneath the stars of Agafay Desert and riding the waves of the Atlantic, you’ll return a glowing version of your former self (with new found surf and yoga skills).

Our Morocco Trips

Find inner peace in a Marrakech retreat
  • Lose yourself in Marrakech 5 days
  • Adventure rating
Yoga & surfing on the coast of Morocco
  • Along the Atlantic coast 8 days
  • Adventure rating
Revitalise your mind and body in the Atlas Mountains
  • Into the Atlas Mountains 5 days
  • Adventure rating
Blue city
Bask in bucket-list Morocco
  • Colour and culture 13 days
  • Adventure rating
Toubkal summit view morocco;
Hike Mount Toubkal in Morocco
  • Hit the foothills 5 days
  • Adventure rating
Surfer on the ocean beach at sunset on Bali island, Indonesia;
Surfing and yoga in Morocco
  • Find your groove 9 days
  • Adventure rating

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