Your invitation…

Flash Pack One. The invitation-only programme any adventurer would love to join.

And we want you.

We want you to work alongside us, to experience things for the first time and help us build the world’s best adventures. We have sky-high ambitions for Flash Pack, and we know you can help us get there.


The brief…

Your mission: to help us shape exceptional itineraries, in exchange for the opportunity to travel with us at an exclusive reduced price.

How you’ll do it? You’ll be sent off on assignment to one of our brand new (and top secret) destinations. Each day, you’ll complete an in-depth feedback report: the good, the bad, the could-be-better.

When you return from your adventure, you’ll collaborate with our Product Creators to shape the final itinerary – before it goes live to the public.




The vision…

Flash Pack One is about giving you the chance to join an exclusive community of solo travellers. To brave the unknown and redefine the travel experience.

To create adventures you love, for people like you.

If this sounds like you, scroll down to register your interest. Welcome to the club. 





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