Meet Alejandro

Pack Leader for Flash Pack adventures in Argentina

I’m lucky enough to have been born and raised in Buenos Aires. But when it comes to my favourite place in Argentina, Patagonia is definitely one of my favourite places – not just on Flash Pack’s adventure, but on earth. I’ve been to the glaciers several times and each trip is different – the colours and shapes of the ice are never the same.



"From the Andes to tango, Iguazú Falls to the vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina has the perfect combination of nature and culture"

I’ve been working in tourism now for about 15 years. I just couldn’t see myself working indoors or following a traditional career. When the opportunity to study to be a guide came up, I didn’t hesitate. I love travelling and I love people. I like showing off my country and teaching people about my culture. As well as having incredible landscapes, Argentinian people are incredibly warm and always willing to help and share their traditions.