13 June, 2015

On the 12th of June 2015 history was made when Flash Pack blasted Richard Branson into space!

Our aim? Win the Virgin Pitch to Rich Challenge!

Our game? Deliciously audacious!

The challenge

Pitch to Rich is a Virgin initiative to reward cool business startups. Turn up Richard’s smile beyond its default setting of 11, and you win bucks, kudos — and maybe free broadband for 3 months. (Think Dragon’s Den, only with better ideas, and fewer timewarped hairdos.)

The audacious stunt

Flash Pack co-founder Lee Thompson rallied his troops with a visionary call to action.

 “Right guys, we need big time votes to hit the Pitch to Rich top slot, so let’s pull a stunt even Richard Branson himself would be proud of. Let’s launch the guy into space ahead of Virgin Galactic!”

 “Fine,” said the Flash Pack Faithful. “But how in heck are we going to stop his beard from singeing?”

*As any business guru will tell you, it’s spanners in the works such as this that turn the wheels of industry if picked up and used while they’re still hot.*

So we settled on a simpler idea than using the actual Richard Branson — one involving a hydrogen balloon and a photo of a suitably Branson-themed aeroshuttle-thing. (Think Big. Then fold it neatly into Clever to add value. It’s the British way.)

Flash Pack multitasker Lee met up with Steve Randall from Random Engineering and filled a giant balloon with hydrogen. Then they stood back, and watched the balloon ascend into the heavens over Cambridge like a dream buoyed by vim and enthusiasm alone. It rose way up high for over three whole hours travelling 57 miles to a small village just outside of Grantham before it burst, and when it parachuted back to earth, there were cheers and tears of joy.

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As far as we know, the dream just kept on rising.

So, yeah — Flash Pack blasted Richard Branson into Space at a day’s notice for just £375 to take a shot at the Virgin Pitch to Rich Challenge. We think 130,000 feet tops most challenges, so what about you guys? Is this UK style High Sights startup thinking, or what?

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