16 December, 2015

Here at Flash Pack HQ we’re obsessed with quality, and we’re about to launch a whole range of new adventures to our loyal Flashpackers.  We need to make sure they’re up to scratch, and as much as we’d like to be there to try every single trip, there’s too many of them and not enough of us.

And so we’ve selected a handful of faithful Flashpackers to offer them the chance to be one of the first to try some of our new adventures.

For every new trip we’ll be running a special pre-release departure, think of it like the preview for a play.  Everything is the same as it should be, but the ticket is a fraction of the price.  Of course it is brand new, so there’s a very slim chance that it won’t be absolutely perfect, but this is why we’re coming to you first – you know the standard we expect.

It’s important to explain that by taking part on a tour as a Flash Pack Insider you understand this is the first departure we will run, so it may not run exactly as planned.  We need you to be patient and understanding, but also help us to think of ways to improve the tour.

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So, here are the rules:

1. You MUST provide us with thorough feedback.  We certainly don’t want you to sugar coat anything, but your feedback is absolutely essential.  You will need to give us some time on the phone when you return, or fill in a form at the end of the trip, but please try and keep notes along the way.

2. We need you to share your pictures so that we can use them on our website and on social media.  You don’t have to be a professional photographer. We love home-grown snaps. We will happily give you all credit for the images.

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3. Whilst on the holiday we’d like you to share pics and promote the trip on your social media channels as you go.

4. You can only do ONE Flash Pack Insider trip per calendar year.  Sorry, there’s a lot of you and we have to be fair to everyone.  Unless of course your feedback and trip promotion is totally invaluable, in which case we’ll probably have no choice but to get you on another trip.

Remember that by becoming an Insider you are part of the team, and we’ll be expecting you to perform all the same duties that we would, to help us get the tour to it’s best possible design, and help in it’s promotion.

It’s a first come first served basis. We’ll be publishing departure dates through the newsletter only (sign up below) so keep an eye out!

To be considered please email us at customerhappiness@flashpack.com with the subject ‘Flash Pack Insider’

 Welcome to the team!

Photos by Flash Pack

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