20 December, 2016

So long 2016… Here’s five 2017 travel trends that will have you jetsetting like a pro (and a Flashpacking pro at that).

2017 Travel Trends 1) Active Travel

What? Many New Year’s resolutions are likely to involve get fitter and travel more, so why not kill 2 birds with some sporty travel? Wine marathons allow you to run through stunning locations whilst being given glasses of wine (yes, this is really a thing). Or channel your inner Tom Daley meets Bear Grylls and dive into the rising trend of wild water swimming, Slovenia is an awesome destination to try this in 2017.

Why? Inspired by superhuman Olympians/Paralympians, more and more people want to combine their precious holidays with active pursuits. Holidays are no longer just for sprawling on a beach somewhere, people want exhilaration as much as they want relaxation. 2017 won’t just be about sporting your new bikini but sporting, well, sport.

Need to Know: Le Marathon du Médoc provides 23 wine-stops and is ran in fancy dress, it’s somewhat livelier than your average marathon…

2017 Travel Trends 2) Colombia 


What? Colombia is definitely a trendy travel destination for 2017. Seeming to top everyone’s where-to-go-now list, Colombia is hot right now in every sense of the word.

Why? Since signing a new peace deal, Colombian tourism is rising as quickly as you can say quiet Caribbean coastline. As well as amazing beaches, it’s also home to some of the best coffee in the world and its lush jungle provides the setting for the hit Netflix series Narcos…Coffee, beaches and an excuse to watch Netflix, what more do you need?

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Need to know: For an ecofriendly yet designer resort, Hotel Playa Koralia is the perfect Colombian getaway on the sparkling Santa Marta coast. Shakira’s hips may not lie, yet the Colombian born has been known to to lie low here for some Paparazzi free pampering. Prices start at $70 pp.

2017 Travel Trends 3) 360 cameras 

What? Forget selfies, 2017 is all about 360-degree cameras and ‘surroundies’. Taking panoramas to a whole new level, 360s capture the entire scene around you. The Nixie camera takes this one step further with the invention of wrist-drones that fly from your wrist and hover around you, so gone are the days of just capturing your best side… 

Why? If recent hysteria is to be believed, virtual reality is slowly taking over the world and we’ll all soon be walking around glued to headsets. That may be somewhat extreme but you can now virtually explore your friend’s Facebook photos. Besides actually stepping into the photo (Zuckerberg’s not quite mastered that yet), you can drag the images left/right/up/down to see every inch of the action.

Need to know: The super portable Samsung Gear 360 takes great photos, costing £349.00.

2017 Travel Trends 4) Experiential Travel

What? If you want to travel properly in 2017, then experiential travel is the only way to go. A travel trend that just keeps on giving, it champions the idea of immersive travel beyond landmarks and stereotypes. It’s fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon, one that celebrates culture and has people positively shuddering at the words ‘chain hotel’.

Why? The demand for authenticity is huge, people are chucking aside holiday brochures for a real flavour of local life. It’s an often humbling, always exciting form of travel that flings you out of your comfort zone. And it looks pretty cool on social media, a photo of someone glamping on the edge of frozen lake is much more popular than one of a *deep breath* chain hotel.

Need to know: Sitting pretty on Lake Torassieppi, Aurora Domes are perfect glamping getaways to admire the Northern Lights.

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2017 Travel Trends 5) Solo Travel 

What? Solo travel has firmly shaken off its stigma of sad singletons and the latest travel trend for 2017 is definitely small group adventures. You may begin the adventure as mere strangers but after trekking Rainbow Mountain together or sharing a wild night out drinking rum in Cuba, let’s just say you’ll soon have become life-long friends.

Why? It may surprise you but not all solo travel holidays are full of dreadlocked students on a journey of self discovery. Small group holidays are an amazing and intimate way to travel for anyone wanting to tick off their bucket list. Gone are the days of follow-the-umbrella style tours in a scrum of flashing cameras, instead expect unforgettable experiences with like-minded jetsetters.

Need to know: If you fancy hiking the Rainbow Mountains or partying on down in Havana, check out our Flash Pack adventures

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