12 January, 2017

Break-up coach Laura Yates presents four ways to deal with a break-up, and explains why travelling post-heartbreak may just be the best thing you ever do.

How to deal with a break-up #1: Create new memories

Group of flashpackers in boat taking photos

Part of the reason a break-up can take so long to get over is because we don’t change our habits or environment. We cling onto the old memories but without our ex there, it only highlights what we don’t have any more. Not ideal for being able to move on! This is where travel comes in. By switching up your routine, meeting new people and going to new places, you discover a new passion for living life to the full. All whilst experiencing new things and learning that there is so much more out there for you to explore and enjoy.

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How to deal with a break-up #2: Challenge yourself

determined woman surfing at sunset

I love the idea of break-up bucket lists. Travelling lets you tick off those once-in-a-lifetime-experiences that just aren’t possible in your comfort zone. Riding a vespa through Spain, surfing lessons in Morocco or hiking a glacier in Norway Sound good? I think so. But here’s the important thing; not only are you experiencing new things, it actually takes courage to pick yourself up and head off somewhere alone. The reward will be tenfold but just the act of doing it can give you a real confidence boost in yourself.

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How to deal with a break-up #3: Meet new people

Flashpackers lying back in snow

Breaking up is hard because we become so entwined with our partner and mutual friends that we don’t make an effort to broaden who we hang out with. So a huge part of getting over a break-up is interacting with new people. Not necessarily to date (although you might of course!) but socialising with new people can give you revived confidence and introduce you to new hobbies and activities. When you travel alone it forces you to meet new people. You share these amazing experiences that create strong bonds and you get to brush up on those social muscles that you might have lost whilst in a relationship.

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How to deal with a break-up #4: Gain a fresh perspective

Woman doing yoga on mountain ledge

Taking yourself out of your comfort zone into a completely new place does wonders for perspective shifts. You get to see exactly what and who else is out there, it ignites renewed excitement for life and gives you time to think about your goals and dreams. Plus, you meet more people who can help lift you out of a funk too! It gives you a chance to recharge your emotional batteries and coming back from somewhere exotic with a killer tan isn’t such a bad thing either!

…So have a think about it. If a break-up is something you’re going through and struggling to get over, even just taking a week or two out can do wonders for getting you back on track and feeling hopeful and excited about life again. See it as an opportunity.

Laura Yates is a coach, writer and speaker who helps men and women see the better side of heartbreak and break-ups. You can find Laura at http://www.laurayates.org/ and @laurayatesUK on Twitter.

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