3 October, 2017

Something all of us at Flash Pack HQ have in common is our insatiable thirst for adventure and a willingness to embrace new experiences. Despite this, we can all relate to the feeling that there never seems to be a ‘right time’ for certain things. A right time for change, to move, or to try something new and step into the unknown. But often, it comes down to the classic cliché that really, now is as good a time as any.

So here I am, a week away from upping and moving my life ten thousand miles south – to Melbourne, Australia! So let me tell you how I got here…

Having spent time living in Russia and South America when I was younger, I knew that I wanted to live abroad once again…it was just a matter of where and when! But truth be told, recently I hadn’t spent much time thinking about it – life was too busy happening. And so, when I met a rather loveable Aussie guy on the tube I assumed our relationship was doomed to be short lived. As one of Flash Pack’s ‘Travel Escape Artists’ I had secured a job I loved – something I knew from experience was not easy to find! – and he would one day have to return down under. Besides, I am not the sort of girl to throw something away for a man. My mum is a divorce lawyer – I know the stats.

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The problem was, the longer we stayed together the more I wanted to go – whether it would all turn out well or not. I wanted the adventure and to grasp this opportunity to do something big! It wasn’t convenient, it wasn’t good timing, it might turn out to even be a bad idea, but heck, isn’t that what the best stories are made from?

The language will be a bit more straightforward in Australia…


So with the ideological side of things decided on, how was I going to make this work practically? It’s all very well going on an adventure but we all need jobs, and what’s more, I enjoyed mine! So I had an idea that maybe, just maybe I could somehow keep it…

**Disclaimer: I realise many bosses aren’t as cool as what follows**

I spoke to Co-founders Lee and Radha about my decision to move and the dilemma I had faced, and together we started discussing the possibility of me maybe staying on, working remotely. These days everything can be controlled and accessed remotely from your laptop – even work phones. So why wouldn’t it work – providing nearly a 24-hour service; giving our clients access to a member of the Flash Pack team around the clock! At the very least, what harm would there be in giving it a go…

So one discussion turned into another, and there you have it; next week I’m handing over a one-way ticket and boarding a flight to Melbourne, Australia.

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Sure, I’m nervous. Despite having lived abroad before I’m nervous that I’ll miss my life here, that work doesn’t work out, that my relationship will crumble, that I’ll go swimming and become the protagonist of Jaws 4…the concerns are plentiful. But more than that, I am bursting with excitement and I can’t wait! I’m doing what I want and being the director of my own life. Who cares if it goes wrong – I’m taking a leap … and isn’t that what life is for?

…So what happens next? Here’s what my move down under means for Flash Pack:

Lately we have been delighted to see loads more of you joining us from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand…the list goes on. With us now working in a new time zone it means you’ll be able to chat with us when suits you! No more sleepy chats in the early hours or walking out of meetings to talk holidays (sorry about that by the way!) 

If our calculations are correct this means that alongside our usual UK working hours (10 – 1830 GMT) we’ll also be available:

NYC: 1700 – 0130 

Los Angeles: 1400 – 1030 

Toronto: 1700 – 0130 

Auckland: 1000 – 1830

Sydney: 0800 – 1630 

…Speak soon!

Images: Flash Pack, Nell Gooch, Shutterstock

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