4 October, 2017

As far as heart-stopping moments go, it’s right up there with the film biopic Man on Wire – only with far less finesse.

A man in China performed his own impromptu version of Philippe Petit’s 1974 stunt (where he crossed between the Twin Towers unaided) recently, in order to avoid the horror of an unpaid hotel bill.

The unnamed individual went to extreme lengths not to pony up his room rate, escaping via a 19th storey window and attempting to reach the building opposite via a flimsy-looking stretch of telephone wires.

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Unsurprisingly, the spontaneous hotel getaway – which unfolded in the city of Guizhou this weekend – did not go well.

The unfortunate guest ended up grappling between wires, tens of metres above a growing crowd of horrified spectators.

Camera footage shows him swinging precariously mid-air, as he struggles to keep his balance.

Luckily, firefighters were able to eventually rescue the man, and he was escorted away by police.

“The man did not suffer any injuries. He is safe now,” officers told the Daily Mail.

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As Mashable, who first reported the story via the China Daily, points out – it’s not known exactly how much the wannabe acrobat owed on the hotel room.

And anyone who’s been floored by an unexpected sum at check-out can sympathise with his plight.

Still, choosing to put his life on the line – literally – in a Bond-style feat is probably not the way forward.

Bill-skippers, take note.

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