22 November, 2018

Hi happy Flashpackers!

It’s Radha Vyas and Lee Thompson here, the co-founders of Flash Pack.

We’re writing this to let you know about a special offer we’re running to mark Black Friday today (Friday 23 November).

For every person who books a Flash Pack adventure today – from Peru to Borneo or the Eastern Cape – we’ll be donating £10 to the Flash Pack Foundation.

That’s double our normal pledge for a Flash Pack booking.

The Flash Pack Foundation is a social enterprise we set up earlier this year to give back to local communities in the places where we work.

We firmly believe that travel should be used as a means to support local people and local economies.

As part of the Foundation’s mission, we’re partnering with a series of small grassroots projects that make a real difference to the neighbourhoods that they operate in, all around the world.

Normally, we contribute £5 towards the communities that we work with, for every adventure booked. But for Black Friday, we’re doubling this to £10 per trip.

This means that just by paying a deposit on a Flash Pack adventure today, you’ll making a significant contribution to a better world.

You’ll create a donation from us that make a direct, positive impact to local communities in areas of education, human rights advocacy and gender empowerment.

Long necked Kayan tribe in Kayah state Myanmar

So, if you’ve been mulling over booking a Flash Pack adventure, now is the time to act!

Not only will you be rewarded with an incredible once-in-a-lifetime escape with like-minded solo travellers, you’ll also be doing your bit towards helping some of the people who bring your travels to life.

Together, we can drive forward the difference we want to see in the tourism industry, with small steps towards positive change.

Please do join us, as we work to create a fairer world and build a legacy that we can be proud of.

Check out all our latest and greatest adventure trips on the menu right here.

A big thank you and happy travelling!

Radha, Lee and the Flash Pack team


Images: Flash Pack, Shutterstock


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