7 January, 2019

The dream of adventure is something that burns within all of us; but it can so easily be doused out.

The status quo bias means we are more likely to stick with what we know; even if that doesn’t make us particularly happy or fulfilled.

To stick one’s head above the parapet of complacency takes real courage – a commitment to the adage of No More Not Yets.

Added to this is the myriad of worries we all have bubbling away beneath the surface.

Often these are so subtle, we don’t even realise that they’re there. But given half a chance, they will stop us nonetheless.

Want to know what your barrier to travel is  – and how to fix it? Take a whirl at our quiz, below.


This story is part of Flash Pack’s No More Not Yets campaign. Our mission is to eradicate two powerful words that can stop you achieving your dreams: “not yet”. The not yet seen, not yet swum, not yet sat in the suns. Not yet met, not yet tried, not yet climbed, braved or conquered. What’s your Not Yet? Find out more here.
Images: Shutterstock, Flash Pack

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