Break-up travel: how one woman changed her life

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Don’t know what to do after a break-up? Take positive steps and transform your life.

A broken heart is the kind of life event that leads to major changes, whether that’s a bold new haircut or travelling the world. New Yorker Lita Lewis chose the latter option, after she was left devastated by a break-up a few years ago. But instead of just taking her one step away from the break up pain, Lita’s journey led her to start her own business.

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Lita, now aged 34, was motivated by nothing more than the need to escape the heartbreak when she embarked on her odyssey around the world. However, the experience turned out to be such a game-changer, it transformed not only her career but her entire way of life.

Lita began her career at an ad agency in New York, working her way up the ranks of corporate America. But, as Business Insider (who first aired her story) reports, she was floored by a break-up from the man she thought was going to marry.

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“Heartbroken and devastated, [she] found herself at rock bottom,” the publication says. “She quit her job and started travelling around the world to free up her mind.

“Her quality of life dramatically changed, too, from having a solid income to not having any concrete future plan. She had to dip into her savings to make ends meet for the next 18 months.”

Finding new interests

Lita’s travels prompted an epiphany. Having left her high-flying career behind, she started documenting her efforts to look after herself on Instagram. Her attempts to work out and eating well quickly drew a large following on the social media platform; something she attributes to being fully open and honest.

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“At a time when most were sharing what looked to be ‘perfection,’ I grew comfortable in my own vulnerabilities and was devoted to sharing my truths,” she says.

Lita’s popularity on Instagram gave her the impetus she needed to launch her own fitness business. According to Business Insider, she now earns a six-figure salary from her work as a personal instructor, consultant and boot camps that she runs every summer in the US, the UK and Australia.

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Despite her success, Lisa knows not to be complacent. “I understand that my earnings are purely based on how hard and smart I work,” she says. “Some months I didn’t do what I needed to do to earn as much as I did the month before, so nothing is consistent. Every month is a hustle”.

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As for leaving a job in New York advertising, Lita has absolutely no regrets.

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“The quality of my life increased for the better because I have more time to give to myself,” she says. “What I find most freeing and victorious is having the courage to leave corporate America to pursue something that fills my heart and purpose.”

We think that heartbreak is a long-distant memory now…

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