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Everything you need to know about travel to Sri Lanka right now, and why it should still be top of your list


Since Flash Pack’s inception, Sri Lanka has been one of our top selling destinations, and for good reason. From ancient cities and tropical beaches to the misty hills of Tea Country; this lush Eden has proven to be the ideal spot for flawless group adventures.

After a short period of unrest in which tourism was halted, we’re incredibly excited to be able to send Flashpackers back to the island. We understand you might want a bit of reassurance that it’s safe to travel, so to put your mind at rest we’ve pulled together a short list of FAQs about the situation then and now.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to book a call with one of our friendly team here.


What happened in Sri Lanka ?

Unfortunately Sri Lanka faced a massive economic challenge earlier in the year due to several factors, one of which was the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic. The first few months of the year saw healthy tourist arrivals, but these were eventually hampered by continued protests and a lack of fuel. The protests turned violent between May and July, which resulted in foreign missions imposing travel restrictions on Sri Lanka.

Now for the good news: following the appointment of the new President and cabinet on the 21st July, the situation has improved dramatically and many countries, including the UK, have now relaxed their travel restrictions. Due to this, there were good numbers of tourists arriving from July onwards.


Are holidaymakers subject to curfew ?

No. The state of emergency which was imposed has been withdrawn by the government. Schools, public and private entities are now operating as usual.


Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka ?

Yes it is absolutely safe to travel to Sri Lanka. The tourism ministry recently launched a promotional campaign in India and will be promoting in the UK and beyond, so comfortable are they about hosting tourists.


How will travel impact the local people?

Tourism is the third-largest source of foreign exchange for the country – it’s a huge employer and an important source of the dollars that help the government run the country. The activities in our Flash Pack adventure revolve around supporting locals and local communities and tourism will only benefit each and every one directly or indirectly. Ultimately tourism benefits the local community rather than becoming a burden. 


Is it responsible/ethical to visit right now?

Definitely. As mentioned above, supporting travel during this period will help millions of lives directly and indirectly involved in tourism.


Would it be better to delay my adventure until Sri Lanka has recovered further?

The last two months have shown remarkable improvement in tourist arrivals. The economy is on the road to recovery through the introduction of several new reforms. There are no shortages of food, fuel or gas. If you want to travel to Sri Lanka, there’s no reason to delay.

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