20 wonderfully quirky places to stay

Radha Vyas

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When was the last time you slept in a space so creative, unusual and down-right quirky that you couldn’t help but share it with the world?

Instead of playing the spectator by simply reading this post, you could be sipping hot cocoa in a bed made entirely of ice, power down in a refurbished jail cell, enjoy a hearty breakfast in a giant shoe, or even wake up in your own luxurious V8 Garage or dome tent in the wilderness. Around here we believe half the fun of flashpacking (or “travelling” as it used to be known) is discovering new and unusual places. The remaining half is the stories we collect on our way. If you’ve stayed in one hotel room, you’ve stayed in them all. The same cannot be said of the following collection of our favourite strange and beguiling places you simply have to see to believe.

And now… 20 Wonderfully Quirky Places To Stay:

Snooze on a jumbo jet 

If you just can’t get enough of sleeping on airplanes, why not try the cockpit of this 1976 Jumbo Jet converted into a hostel? We hear the panoramic views of the airport are particularly pedestrian this time of year.

Check it out here

The Balancing Barn

This rustic yet super modern barn “dramatically cantilevers over the landscape,” and features panoramic views over woods, ponds and meadows. Vertigo not included.

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Eco Camp Patagonia

There is just no getting closer to mother nature than with your own fully sustainable geodesic dome (featuring Green Technology) in the middle of the Chilean wilderness. If you can image gazing up at starry skies at night and hiking these magnificent hills by day, you will love our Chile Trip!

Intrigued by Chile?

V8 Hotel

Built on an old airport site, this glorified garage is pure petrol-head heaven! Between furniture made from spare parts and rooms dubbed “Gas Station” and “Carwash” the automotive enthusiast will find everything his heart desires. His wife, not so much.

Euromast TV Tower

The Euromast TV tower is the tallest building in Rotterdam and features stunning views of the river Maas and the world port. For an extra dash of excitement, grab a zip line down!

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La Balade des Gnomes 

The brainchild of architect and visionary hotelier, Mr Noël, this giant Trojan Bull is hand crafted from wood and sleeps up to 10 people. No BS!

See for yourself

Boot Bed & Breakfast

There once was an old lady, who lived in a… For an unusual romantic getaway, why not spoil your better half with a stay in this fairytale-like hideaway in the shape of a giant boot?

A fairytale come true

Breakwater Lodge

This luxurious Hotel was originally built as a prison in 1895 and today forms part of the University of Cape Town’s Business School. Look out for the remains of the “treadmill of torture”!

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The Ice Hotel

Built from tons of frozen ice, this magical palace is open for only 4 months of the year and features every creature comfort imaginable. Perfect for adventurous travellers who don’t mind a room temperature of 5 degrees below zero. Or an Aurora Dome in Finland might be a little warmer…

Take a peak

Rolling Huts

Imagine camping in your own private herd of cabins on wheels! Each hut comfortably sleeps two and as they offer a fireplace, Wi-Fi and a Microwave, we assume a handbrake would be included.

Check it out

Jules Undersea Lodge

The only way to check into this secret underwater lodge is to dive 21 feet down to the reception area. This surreal terrarium is the world’s only underwater motel and was once a research lab. We were also delighted to hear that guests are provided with an unlimited supply of air tanks…

Indulge your curiosity

Euro Space Centre

Aimed at kids, wannabe astronauts, and nuclear families wanting to live like astronauts, the centre offers a variety of “spacey” rooms and activities including a “moonwalk”.

See it here

Mira Mira

If Plato was still alive he would have no doubt spammed Trip Advisor with existential reviews about this place. If you are in need of a little reflection time, Mira Mira’s Cave Room welcomes you with open…

Broaden your mind

Magic Mountain

Hailed as the place where dreams come true, this unusual hotel is located deep in the Chilean jungle and features 13 swanky rooms with great views of the surrounding greenery (and volcanoes).

Into the woods

Rock the Kasbah

Although the Kasbah du Toubkal made it on the Condé Nast “Top 10 High Hotels of the World,” it is still a place steeped in mystery. Far from a bland boutique hotel, this authentic Berber structure lies at the foot of the Atlas mountains. We asked – they’ve never heard of The Clash.

Get stuck in

The Crane Hotel

Can you image sleeping in a customised crane? This working dockside crane has been converted into a posh bedroom complete with breakfast delivered via a lift. Unfortunately, they won’t let you operate the crane without a license.

See more here

Ariau Amazon Towers

Billed as a dream destination and frequented by luminaries like Bill Gates and dear Prince Charles, the hotel is built among the amazon treetops. It offers over 6 miles of canopy walkways and you can even book your own “Tarzan Suite”.

Reach out 

Barefoot Yurts

Fancy a stay in an authentic Mongolian yurt set in a peaceful spot on the edge of the Sussex woodlands? These tranquil “cloud houses” are an eco warrior’s dream come true and only 2 hours away from London. 

Continue the journey

Free Sprit Spheres

Suspended like luxurious cocoons among the tall trees of the west coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, these unique feats of engineering and hospitality will blow you away.

Take a look

Jail Hotel

What do you get when you revamp an old jailhouse into a 3-star property with 56 rooms? A very intriguing guest book…

Check it out



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