7 adventures to take before (or if) you have kids

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Still footloose and fancy free? Here’s 7 adventures to take before you (or if) you have kids…

You’ve been to endless weddings. You’ve thrown baby showers. You’ve clapped graciously at their christenings. But now, as your friends get swamped beneath their Cath Kidston changing mats with Peppa Pig on repeat, it’s YOUR turn to be the one in the spotlight.

Now you’re the person to be jealous of. Why? Because you have the freedom to go absolutely anywhere you want. You can jet set off to beautiful locations, discover new cultures and fulfil your wildest dreams. Be it trekking through the Amazonian jungle or swimming beneath plunging waterfalls, the world is well and truly your oyster.

But where should you go?

For solo travellers aged 30-40 something, here’s 7 awesome adventures to take sans children:

1. Colombia


First things first, Colombia is SO much more than Pablo Escobar and his infamous drug trafficking. That said, it’s colourful reputation doesn’t exactly scream child friendly. With sizzling salsa dancing, quiet Caribbean beaches and some of the best coffee in the world, that’s not such a bad thing. You’ll want those golden beaches all to yourself anyway…

2. Peru


Just to clarify, there’s nothing wrong with travelling with your little bundles of joy. However, when it come to trekking mountains, it’s probably not such a good idea. Peru’s Rainbow Mountain and its challenging altitude is a great example of this, yet as soon as you reach the stunning colourful summit you’ll feel absolutely EPIC. Gaze out at that breath-taking panorama knowing that you just conquered a mountain. Life’s too short to stay in your comfort zone.

3. Uganda Marathon

Uganda Marathon - Flash Pack

Not many holidays involve losing weight, helping others and seeing the African Big 5. Yet running the Uganda Marathon does exactly this. Not only are you getting fit and raising money for charity, you’re doing this in the safari paradise of Uganda! There’s no stressful paper work or ballot entries, the only thing standing in your way is YOU (and maybe an elephant or two…)

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4. Patagonia


Full of deep shimmering lakes, jagged mountains and dramatic glaciers, the vast beauty of Patagonia is a health and safety nightmare for anyone with kids. Yet for solo travellers with a spirit of adventure, this is the only playground you need.

5. India

City life in India is one big culture shock from start to finish. The sights, the smells, the FLAVOURS are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Even crossing the road is a full blown adventure. This makes it the perfect place to enrich yourself in a culture entirely different to own, but maybe not one for the little’uns.

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6. Cuba

Cuba group Tour, Flash pack

Grab your maracas and get ready to party. Here lies the buzzing island of Cuba where you can fling yourself out of your comfort zone and straight into the birthplace of salsa. Babysitters and early starts mean nothing to you, your only concern lies in which tropical cocktail to choose next.

7. New Zealand

travel solo

Long haul flights with bored and/or screaming children is no-one’s idea of a holiday. So head to the bucket list beauty of New Zealand whilst you can. There’s everything from parasailing to wine-tasting to enjoy, with some bungee-jumping thrown in for good measure. It’s a place for adventures seekers to escape the ordinary and stretch their horizons, just go for it!

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