Best Places To Go In February: Our Top 7 picks for a solo holiday

By Andrew Dickens

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Fall in love with a new country by scouring our list of the best places to go in February

February. A month famous for two things: ruining the “30 days has September…” rhyme with its leap year caveat and Valentine’s Day. If Cupid hasn’t pricked you with his little arrow – or even if he has and you just fancy some time alone – perhaps you should spend the month taking a solo holiday?

To help, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to go in February for a solo holiday. Because we love you.


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Home of the tango – a dance of romance and passion – Argentina isn’t all about erotic thrusting on the dancefloor (though do be our guest). It’s also about food and adventure and splendid weather for all of the above as the Argentinian summer peaks.

Travel tips for February: It’s a popular month, so book as far in advance as possible


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Who hasn’t fantasised about being a viking? Nothing to be ashamed of. And nothing will make you feel more like a Nordic warrior than winter in Finland. Go from sub-freezing outdoor activities to cosying up by an open fire wearing nothing but a bearskin rug.

Travel tips for February: It’s all about the base layers, the base layers…


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February is the least rainy month in Myanmar. You could also say ‘driest’ but the first description is probably more apt for this lush, forest-coated country that likes a monsoon or three. Anyway, this makes it the ideal time to visit for a solo adventure.

Travel tips for February: The country’s best weather and sunniest month deserves some outdoor activities

Sri Lanka

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It’s mad to think that Sri Lanka is still considered a bit off the tourist trail, a bit “Oooh, that’s different” when looking for a holiday in Asia. But long may it continue, because that makes it all the more affordable. Also, it’s one of the best places to go in February.

Travel tips for February: The west coast is much drier than the north in February

Costa Rica

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It’s always a good tip to travel somewhere just after peak season. The weather has barely changed, but the prices have – and it’s a lot quieter. February is this time in Costa Rica and is perfect for sun, sea, scenery, wildlife, rice and beans.

Travel tips for February: Keep one eye on the trees for sun-loving monkeys

South Africa

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It’s always a good tip to travel somewhere just after peak season… Oh, we’ve already said that. But the point stands for South Africa in February, where you’ll get sunshine, adventure, wildlife and delicious cheap wine without the crowds and cost of January.

Travel tips for February: A soothing winery tour is a must to balance out any daring outdoor pursuits


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Rwanda only has a very brief dry season (hence the delightful greenness in parts of this gorgeous country) and February is right at the end of it, which makes Gorilla trekking in this month a much cleaner experience.

Travel tips for February: Take US dollars or Euros (at any time of year)

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