5 great adventures you can gift yourself this Christmas

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We hear a lot about self-care these days – and while looking after yourself can be seen as staying hydrated, or getting enough sleep – it also means committing to a life that you love. 

It’s too easy to whisk through the days ticking off your to-do list, getting things done and feeling efficient, when all the while a bigger adventure beckons. 

This larger thing – unseen, but always present – is an invitation to listen to what you really want to do: whether that’s setting up your own business, learning to skydive or travelling the world with a group of like-minded souls. 

So, as Christmas looms on the horizon, with all its expectations of gift-giving and family time, take a moment to think about what *you* would like for yourself. What gets you out of bed in the morning? What activities or experiences are like soup for your soul? 

Maybe you don’t even know the answers yet, and that’s fine: just putting time aside to consider what makes you tick will be more valuable than you’d ever expect. And if the answer to that question happens to be travel – with a group of fabulous strangers at a similar age and life stage, no less – here are a few Flash Pack adventures to stoke your imagination.

Amazing Argentina

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If you’ve yet to revel in the majesty of the Patagonian peaks, 2022 could be your year. Flash Pack’s adventure to this land of wonders takes in everything from ice hikes on the Perito Moreno Glacier to a day-long trek to the foot of Mount Fitz Roy. We’re talking mirror-still lakes, lush green valleys and snow-capped mountains – all washed down with a chance to make your own-label wine in Mendoza, and dining by candlelight in a prehistoric cave. 

Hop on-board for Argentina

Vietnam calling

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The moment you touch down in Hanoi, you’ll be drawn in by this ancient and beautiful city, filled with captivating streets and the friendliest people around. Flash Pack’s Vietnam trip covers 10 days of sheer delight, as you kayak around Halong Bay, island-hop in the Mekong Delta and take a vintage Vespa street food safari through buzzing Ho Chi Minh. This is Vietnam from an insider’s perspective, taking you off-route to the experiences and places that tourists don’t typically see. 

Vietnam, let’s go

All about Croatia

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Charming and mystical in equal measure, Croatia has some serious Game of Thrones vibes to recommend its glorious shores. And on Flash Pack’s trip, you’ll actually be able to tour Dubrovnik with a local legend who worked on the hit TV franchise. Our eight-day escape here also involves rafting down the waterfalls of Mrežnica, cycling to award-winning vineyards and feasting on fresh local food and cocktails on your own private island. Aah, life. 

Get involved with Croatia

Sri Lanka so fine

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Sometimes in life, you just need a great hotel – and Flash Pack’s Sri Lankan getaway is brimming with ‘em. Kick back with a passion fruit cocktail at Jetwing Lagoon in Negombo; home to the largest pool on the western coastline. Oh there’s also Amaya Lake on the shores of Lake Kandalama, with its swim-up bar and elephants roaming nearby; not to mention Shinagawa Beach Hotel with its palm-fringed views and blissful spa. All that, on top of tea-making, temple-cycling, leopard-spotting and lots more. 

Ready for Sri Lanka? 

Oh wow, Colombia

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If you love your food, this trip is for you: Flash Pack’s foray to this most compelling of countries features award-winning Ajiaco soup from Mama Luz (catch her on Netflix), cooking with a community project run by women in Medellín, and a 22-moment molecular meal from rising star chef Juan Manuel Barrientos. There’s also rum tasting and salsa dancing in the mix, along with a street art tour from a local photographer, a visit to a family-run coffee farm and beach-hopping by private boat in the idyllic Rosario Islands. Phew. 

Colombia, count us in

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