Is this the world’s reigning capital for solo travellers?

Travelling solo is the elixir of the 21st Century: a way to meet new people, carve out head space and re-fuel your lust for life.

“No-one should come back from a holiday without feeling alive and in love with life,” says Radha Vyas (below), co-founder of Flash Pack.

“It’s about breaking the mundane routine of work for two weeks, experiencing something totally different and giving your brain the chance to shift gear.”


So, where to find this wanderlust alchemy? According to a new study, the answer lies in Cuba.

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Travel site Hostelworld reports a  371% surge in solo bookings to Cuba between 2016 and 2017, making it the reigning queen of solo travel hot spots.


With its irrepressible blend of colour and spirit, it’s no surprise that the Caribbean island nation is a magnet for those flying solo.

Between the rainbow backstreets of Old Town Havana and its picture-perfect golden beaches, this is a place that somehow hits exactly the right balance between warmth and adventure.

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Plus, Cuba radiates a particular kind of energy that chimes perfectly with the two pillars of solo travel: meeting new people, and flexing your appetite for the Great Unknown.


“The best thing about travelling solo is the opportunity to see the world through lenses not coloured by anyone else’s experiences or expectations,” says Ijeoma (above), who travelled with Flash Pack to Cuba in 2016.

“To become comfortable with discomfort and fully embrace it and also the realisation that strangers are friends that you haven’t been introduced to yet.”


Whether you’re cruising the cinematic alleyways of downtown Havana in a classic car or hanging out with friendly locals in a pavement café, Cuba is all about opening new doors.

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You know you’ll be in great company as you party the night away in the capital’s hidden bars, before grabbing some respite in the rolling hills of the mellow Viñales valley.


And wherever you travel here, you’ll come face-to-face with experiences that seem custom-made to fire up the soul of a solo traveller.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab that mojito and break out your best salsa moves in a land of eternal colour.

Join us in the all-time charmer, Cuba

Images: Flash Pack and Shutterstock

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