The top nine emojis of bucket list travel

Oliver Bradley

Now you can travel to the real-life destinations that inspired the world’s best emojis 


We send five billion each day and, as of March 2019, there are 3,019 different variants. So, to celebrate World Emoji Day on 17 July, the travel experts here at Flash Pack have scoured the ? looking for the real-world versions of our favourite travel emojis. From remote islands ? to snow-peaked mountains ?, ancient architecture ? to unbelievably perfect sunsets ?, and even Japanese castles ?, we can now reveal the exact ? of nine emojis, in the wild (according to Flash Pack): 

??1. Japan

World Emoji Day

Searching out history and culture? Head to the Japanese castle emoji, in Osaka, Japan??. Osaka Castle is one of the country’s most famous landmarks, with construction first starting in 1583. 

??2. Costa Rica

World Emoji Day

A trip to Costa Rica?? isn’t complete without visiting the volcano emoji. Until 2010, Arenal volcano was the most active volcano in the country – spewing enormous amounts of lava, gas and ash on a regular basis. As it entered a dormant period, things are now a little more calm at the 1,633-metre summit; but it’s still not safe to climb up. Instead, you can find trails nearby with excellent views.

??3. Croatia

World Emoji Day

Located in the northern region of Croatia??, and dating back to the 13th century, you’ll find European castle emoji nestled in the hills Trakošćan Forest. Trakošćan Castle is now protected as a historical entity, with grounds that include a forest, park and a stunning lake. 

??4.  Jordan

World Emoji Day

Desert emoji can be found in the protected area of the wilderness in Southern Jordan??. Trek through Wadi Rum desert and you’ll see dramatic sandstone mountains, natural arches, and prehistoric inscriptions that line the steep chasms.

??5. Chile

World Emoji Day

Towering over the Patagonian Steppe, Torres del Paine dominate the landscape of national park emoji – the Torres Del Paine National park in Chile?? is part of Unesco’s Biospehere Reserve system, and offers a diversity of landscapes that include pristine lakes, deep blue glaciers and thick forests.

??6. Morocco

World Emoji Day

Looking for the snow capped mountain emoji? Just head to Toubkal National Park in Morocco ?? – at 4,167 metres, it is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, and snow settles here from around November to May.  

??7. Philippines

World Emoji Day

With idyllic sea views and dreamy beaches, The Philippines?? is home to the picture-perfect desert island  emoji – the tiny island of El Nido, a municipality on Palawan Island, is renowned for palm-lined white beaches and crystal clear water. 

??8. Nepal

World Emoji Day

If you’re in Nepal??, you’ll need to be an early riser to catch the perfect sunrise over mountains emoji, as the Himalayas frame the golden start to each new day. 

??9. Vienna

World Emoji Day

Looking for a cultural weekend away? Don’t miss classical building emoji, located in Vienna??. The city’s National History Museum is one of the most important in the world, with an extensive collection of minerals, meteors, dinosaurs and animals. 

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