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At Flash Pack, we provide an antidote to nice-but-generic holidays. We don’t do adventures that easily blur into one another.

Instead, we pack our trips with experiences so potent, you feel like you’ve been away for weeks. The group dynamic is key for us, but it can only play out if we use rich experiences as a starting point.

Our small crews of like-minded travellers bond precisely *because* they do amazing things together. And this just can’t happen with your average run-of-the-mill itinerary.


“Authentic cultural experiences are really important to us,” says Flash Pack co-founder Radha Vyas (pictured above, in Japan). “We won’t take you to a famous sight, just because everyone else is doing it, if we don’t think it’s a really good experience.

“We try and stay away from anything too contrived, and create immersive local experiences in a meaningful way.”

A life less ordinary

Whether you’re learning how to cook with locals in the jungle-clad hilltops of Bali or canyoning the lagoons of Bohinj Valley in Slovenia, our trips aim to conjure up something fresh and different.

By coming on-board with us, you’ll be stepping away from the hordes and into experiences that are distinct and energising.

It’s an approach that Julie – who learnt how to bridge-swing with Flash Pack in the Scottish Highlands recently – appreciates.

“It was brilliant. It wasn’t touristy,” she says. “It felt very unique. I felt quite special, like all the details had been arranged really well.”

Farewell, comfort zone

Challenges are an important part of our trips. As Flash Pack co-founder Lee Thompson notes, “We always try and throw people outside their comfort zones quite quickly”.

And this, too, is something that makes the whole adventure formula more vibrant.

“It’s not just going away and staying by the beach or by the pool and doing nothing for two weeks,” says Craig, who joined our Peru expedition (an adventure that involves mountain climbing and a night-time cruise through the jungle, amid other highlights).

“You get all the adventure that you could want, plus that little bit of luxury with people that think and are the same sort of age as you. It’s the perfect package.”

Canyoning in Jordan for solo travellers with Flash Pack

Victoria, who signed up for our Jordan adventure, agrees that the challenge element is key.

“We went canyoning in the morning, which was kind of quite dangerous and we were all helping each other,” she says. “And it was our first day, so we were all thrown into this environment where we were hauling each other up rocks and stuff like that.”

A genuine snapshot

Of course, no-one can get to know a country in two weeks. But our trips are designed to get under the skin of different places as much as possible, so you walk away feeling like you have a good idea of what a particular culture is about.

Throwing yourself headfirst into immersive experiences – with a few lighter activities mixed in along the way (think cocktail-making and river tubing) – is the best way of doing this.

The fact that you are travelling with strangers also helps, as you’ll be more open to experiences around you (rather than being distracted by who you’re with, or the logistics of arranging everything).


“The itinerary was really good,” says Agnes, who Flashpacked to Peru. “You get the flavour of the country, and the flavour of the experiences that really make you feel like you know part of the culture.

“You get to experience the country a lot more than if you would have done it with your friends, I think.”

Plan your next Flash Pack adventure by checking out the schedule for our many eclectic trips right here.

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