Where Flashpackers are planning to travel in 2022

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2022 is the year we rediscover, together. The Flashpackers in this series have joined forces to help give you inspiration for where to go next in 2022. Wherever that is, we'll see you there.

2020, 2021…it’s been long, hasn’t it? Even more reason, we think, to give yourself something to look forward to in 2022. To set 2022 apart from everything that’s come before.

To help you find your perfect trip, we’ve asked a group of Flashpackers to tell us where they’re travelling next and why they booked their dream destination with us. An adventure of a lifetime. A simple dream, finally within reach again. 

Might any of these destinations tempt your fancy? These are the countries booking like hot cakes right now.

Let’s do 2022, together.


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“I’m packing my bags for Colombia in January 2022 (literally already started packing over a month in advance because I’m that excited). Colombia has been at the top of my travel bucket list for years due to its fascinating history and the stories I’ve heard from others who’ve travelled there. Unfortunately, the timing was never right and then Covid hit. Now I’m finally feeling ready to go on my first international adventure in nearly two years and I’m so pumped to do it with Flash Pack!

“I used to be a relatively frequent international traveller pre-Covid, so to be lucky enough to get back out in the world has me giddy. I can’t wait to experience a new culture, meet new people from around the world, and just travel again, which is the thing that makes me the happiest.”

Lilly Shapiro


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“Originally, I booked the Jordan trip for March, though I’ve had to move it to May due to a friend’s wedding (and quarantine restrictions). I nearly asked them to move the wedding date, but was confident that wouldn’t go down well.

“I know a few people who did the Jordan trip previously and loved it. I really enjoyed the trip with Flash Pack to Finland in March 2020. So when I saw that FP had started up again, I jumped on to book one of the first available trips! To be honest, Jordan is just one of a number of places on my list. So much to do there! Explore Petra, go canyoning, desert hikes and midnight stars, camels; and I’m sure other things I don’t remember right now. Just such a different space to explore, with new faces away from everyday life.

“That’s it really. Unfortunate that I had to push the trip back to May, but I’m having a sneaky look here and there to see if I can squeeze in another one before then.”

Luc Fodman


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“I’m booked on the Magical Morocco trip for September 2022! I’ve been eyeing this trip since my first Flash Pack adventure just before the pandemic, and I’m so excited it’s back. I’ve never explored this part of the world and I know this experience will be unforgettable. I’m most looking forward to exploring the riads of Marrakech, the rich culture and food, and, of course, the Sahara by camel.”

Vincent Raso

Sri Lanka

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“I will be travelling with Flash Pack to Sri Lanka in November of 2022. I was supposed to have gone with you back in October of 2021, but the dreaded Covid delayed that sadly.

“I chose Sri Lanka based on the amazing itinerary that you have planned for this trip. I’ve also looked further into this destination and it just looks incredible! The culture, food and the sheer beauty of the place is magnetic. The trip to Pidurangala looks worth the journey alone.”

Christopher Green


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“What draws me to this part of the world? In one word: Flash Pack. As a company, it creates such unique travelling experiences – money can’t (normally) buy memories. Yes, I have travelled to Croatia before but I haven’t done it with Flash Pack and the itinerary sounds so special. Unique experiences I couldn’t find anywhere else.

“After travelling to Sicily with Flash Pack pre-Covid and having one of the best holidays, doing things well outside of my comfort zone or the normal tourist traps, it was a no-brainer to book again. I’m planning on being in Europe for four months in summer 2022 and want to do as many Flash Pack trips as possible.”

Emma Tomlin


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“I chose Argentina for my next adventure because it’s a melting pot of experiences. Argentina is a feeling — both seductive and sophisticated. To dance the tango in Buenos Aires, hike the glaciers in Patagonia and relax with amazing wine in Mendoza…what more can a mere mortal ask for?!”

Nina Lavic

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