7 adventures to solve all of your problems

By Anna Brech

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Stressed? Heartbroken? Slacking at the gym? Forget juice detoxes and comfort ice cream. We’ve got the answer – or should we say, the adventure – for whatever’s getting you down.

The benefits of travel for your general well-being are well-known – pushing your personal boundaries and experiencing new cultures are just a couple of our faves. But what if you could use travel to combat a specific ailment, kind of like how you take a tablet when you have a headache?

Different destinations can bring out different sides of us, so we’ve come up with a problem solving adventure for 7 specific dilemmas. Think of us as your personal travel pharmacy (with a lot more fun and less awkward questions).

1.) Problem: I’m so stressed

Destination: The Philippines

When you truly need to escape from the daily grind, head to the Philippines, a cluster of over 7000 islands where the beaches are pristine and the locals can’t wait to meet you.

This is the place to top up that Vitamin D (not to mention your awesome tan). Swap your commute for a stroll down the beach, switch off and finally get round to reading the books you’ve been meaning to for ages. How about glamping overnight on a secret beach? Nothing gets rid of stress faster than waking up on a deserted beach at sunrise – trust us.

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And when you’ve still not had your fill of relaxation, check out the island voted best in the world – Palawan. By the time you’ve kayaked through its hidden coves and snorkelled in crystal clear water, you’ll have trouble remembering why you were stressed in the first place. Finish your day with a cocktail as you watch the sunset. Stress, be gone.

2.) Problem: My jeans are too tight

Destination: Morocco

Our next problem solving adventure is just as effective as a hardcore gym session (and way more fun). Beat the bulge by heading to Morocco, where you can burn serious calories hiking through the stunning Atlas Mountains, Africa’s highest mountain range. Then work on your core with our surf and yoga retreat on the coast of Taghazout, your toned abs will be a lovely adventure memento.

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Or to lighten your load without even trying, sip on the endless fresh mint tea here to flush your system of toxins (yep we’re talking about last Friday’s cheeky beer and pizza combo) and help shift those extra pounds. If all else fails – simply adorn yourself with gorgeous swathes of fabrics from the Marrakech souks. Who needs jeans anyway?

3.) Problem: I’ve forgotten what a proper night’s sleep is


Destination: Sri Lanka

Tiredness can lead to irritability, stress and overeating. If the last time you got eight hours feels like a lifetime ago, check out our next problem solving adventure: Sri Lanka.

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Home to an abundance of boutique hotels, you’ll have the opportunity to get your forty winks in luxurious, plush bedding that’s thousands of miles away (literally) from your daily routine. When you finally rouse yourself from bed, kick back on golden beaches or enjoy a soothing cup of tea from the historic and peaceful tea plantations of Ella (don’t miss the world famous Ceylon).

You’ll tire yourself out cycling through the ancient ruins of Polonnaruwa and sleep easy knowing you helped baby turtles safely reach the ocean at a turtle conservation project. Sweet dreams!

4.) Problem: I need a digital detox


Destination: Finland

Digital burnout: it’s a thing. If you’re fed up of Facebook and irritated with Instagram, it’s time to switch off your phone and switch on the Northern Lights. Finland is the perfect place to get back to nature and breathe in the pure, icy air of the Arctic Circle as you enjoy the thrill of a snowmobile safari (don’t worry, you can warm up in a smoked sauna).

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As you explore this winter wonderland, you’ll swap the train for huskies, reindeer and a pair of cross-country skis. Then when night falls, all you need to do is look up. Who needs a TV when you’re watching the starlit sky from your transparent glamping dome? It’s the ultimate way to recharge.

5.) Problem: I’m getting over someone

Destination: Peru

Put the ice cream down. What better way to show your ex that you’ve moved on than with an awesome new profile picture of you on top of a mountain, surrounded by awesome new friends? And not just any mountain- the EPIC colourful summit of Rainbow Mountain.

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Your ex will feel like a distant memory as you escape into the lush wilds of Amazonia and if there’s anywhere you’ll find inner peace, it’s the Sacred Valley, where you’ll spend a day mountain biking through the scenic highlands. Then when evening falls, make a toast to moving on with a delicious pisco sour. Onwards and upwards!

6.) Problem: I’m stuck in a rut at work

Destination: India & Nepal

When you find yourself already dreading Monday morning on Friday night, it’s time to shake things up with some colour and flavour. And how better to seek inspiration than with the culture shock of India, followed by the mountainous tranquillity of Nepal?

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Feel invigorated as you watch the sun rise over the Taj Mahal, immerse yourself in New Delhi’s street life, and then party on down in the rich nightlife of Kathmandu. Casually mention you’ve trekked through the Himalayan foothills in your next meeting, and your colleagues will eating out of your hands.

7.) Problem: I prefer animals to humans

Destination: South Africa

When everyone’s rubbing you up the wrong way, escape to the animal clad kingdom of South Africa. It’s time to get in touch with your wild side (and no, we’re not talking about that time you did too many shots and ended up dancing on the bar). We mean going on the safari of your dreams and cruising across the vast Savannah in an open-top jeep, chilling with meerkats at sunrise and paddle boarding alongside PENGUINS.

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Still need convincing? There’s also swimming with seals and whale watching thrown in for good measure. By the end of your stay in a boutique safari lodge, you’ll be in a much better place to return to those pesky humans.

Ready for an adventure-packed prescription? Peruse our brilliant trips to plot your next escape… Flash Pack’s orders.

Images by #awesomeflashpacker Sylvia Stojilkovic, Flash Pack and Shutterstock

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