Responsible travel: The inspiration you need to make a positive impact this March

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Spring is on the way, the buds are sprouting, and here at HQ, we’re laying the foundations for a quiet revolution. We’re leading a revolution of mindset, and we want to pioneer the future of responsible travel.

Through exploring areas of animal welfare, grassroots projects, carbon offsetting, plastic reduction and volunteer work, we’re setting out to create a positive legacy for the future. Our goal is to empower the communities we visit, and inspire a new generation of responsible travellers. Together, we can usher in a new age of green travel. 

We want to challenge you, our readers, through compelling and thought-provoking starters, creating a meaningful discussion around environmental issues and the future of responsible travel.

From intriguing documentaries to achievable everyday goals, each month we’re rounding up the big ideas that inspire us to be better guardians of the earth. Here’s your fix for March. 

Embrace responsible travel: taking small steps to tackle climate change

We’re watching…

Vox’s Netflix documentary series Explained tackles the most pertinent questions of the 21st century, from the racial wealth divide to genetic manipulation.

The World’s Water Crisis asks us to consider a monumental question: what happens when the world runs out of its most invaluable resource? And how do we assess its monetary value while ensuring equal access to it as a fundamental human right?

Tune into Episode 19 to learn about one of the most pressing issues we face today.


We’re intrigued by…

On the 25th February this year, temperatures surpassed 20C degrees in some areas of the UK, as well as other parts of Western Europe. While many of us here were soaking up the sunshine in the park, our mid-February sunbathing was underscored by a general sense of unease.

And with Storm Freya rushing in hard on the heels of the warm weather, it certainly feels like we are living in a critical moment for climate change. As Caroline Lucas puts it, ‘this is what climate breakdown feels like.’

It’s easy to turn a blind eye to climate change and global warming when we hear about it on TV or in the media, but this is a real-life indication of the problems we face as a planet. Think about this – what changes can you make on an achievable level to your lifestyle?

Whether it’s adopting a more plant-based diet or travelling by public transport, it’s worth thinking about the small ways in which we can reduce the demand for environmentally-taxing commodities.

Embrace responsible travel: taking small steps to tackle climate change

We’re inspired by…

This Lent, instead of giving up chocolate, we’re inspired by this idea of giving up plastic instead.

We’re facing a global crisis when it comes to plastic – it’s choking our oceans, clogging our cities and threatening the biodiversity of our planet.

By adopting this simple habit for Lent, you’ll see just how much of a difference you can make in 40 days. It’s the perfect opportunity to reassess your consumption habits and shift your perspective – and it could be just the start of a plastic-free journey for life.

Embrace responsible travel: reducing plastic on our trips

What you can do…

As a community of travellers, we undoubtedly share a deep passion for the world. But how can we reconcile that with the environmental impact that air travel leaves in its wake?

This is where our carbon offsetting scheme comes in. For every flight you book, we’ll invest in clean energy projects around the world, in order to balance out our carbon footprint.

And for every trip you book, we’ll donate £5 to the Foundation to fund the charity’s work. You can travel safe in the knowledge that your money is shaping the future of responsible travel. 

Here are 6 easy steps you can take to be a more eco-friendly traveller:

Embrace responsible travel: Be an eco-friendly traveller

1) Fly with eco-aware airlines like KLM, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Ethiad

Choose the airlines that are actively investing in improving their carbon footprint. When choosing flights, opt for direct flights: take-offs and landings are the greatest contributors to carbon emissions.

2) Book your hotels through Kind Traveller

Kind Traveller is a socially-conscious hotel booking platform with a strong charity ethos – and it’s making a positive impact in the world of sustainable tourism. For every night you stay, Kind Traveller donates $10 to a charity of your choice, meaning that you can relax in the knowledge that your money is making a difference. 

3) Pack a reusable shopping bag and refillable bottle with you

Cut down on excessive use of plastic where possible. By simply taking your own shopping bag when you buy your groceries at local markets, or filling up your own water bottle rather than buying single-use plastic, you’re already making a small but powerful change to your consumption habits. 

4) Support local producers rather than shopping at supermarkets

Buying your groceries and meat at local markets is beneficial in many ways: not only are you enriching local communities, but you’re also reducing your food miles and the carbon impact of your shopping. Local produce cuts out the process of overseas travel, fuel consumption, shipping facilities and packaging.

5) Choose vegetarian and vegan options for your flight meals

By simply making a small adjustment to your diet, you’ll help to reduce the consumer demand for industrially-produced meat. It’s an achievable shift in your flying habits, and it means that you’ll gradually move towards a less meat-dependent lifestyle.

6) Pack baggage-free, and use ethical brands for your holiday shop

Packing excessively is a burden, so make sure you pack wisely and stock up on ethical products. Check out companies like Ethical Market for your latest purchases. From vegan skincare to organic fashion, environmentally-friendly retailers are making waves – and it’s a trend that’s here to stay.


Responsible travel: the Flash Pack Foundation

We’re all about the power of small yet incremental change. We know that the demands of mass tourism are wreaking havoc on the planet, which is why we’re setting out to change the face of responsible travel. Head over to the Foundation homepage to find out more about our projects and initiatives.


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