5 holidays to increase your sense of adventure

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Britons are losing their sense of adventure. We’ve hand-picked five adventure travel holidays that will bring out your inner Captain Cook.

There was a time when your average British traveller thought nothing of hopping into a boat, sailing off to uncharted waters, and leaping ashore tropical islands with absolutely no fear of ungodly creatures or hungry cannibals, all before returning home six months later—possibly minus a leg—with a fine set of tales and a thirst to go globetrotting again.

Now, though, it seems we’re losing our sense of adventure. Research by Sunsail into 2,000 UK adults has unearthed some statistics that would have the adventurers of yore spinning in Davy Jones’s locker. They include:

  • 22% of adults have never slept in a tent
  • Only 41% have walked 10 km or more on a hike
  • 29% describe their ideal summer holiday as somewhere they’ve been before
  • Only 4% describing their ideal summer holiday as the more extreme the better
  • 30% have never navigated using a printed paper map
  • 51% have never used a compass to take a bearing
  • 94% wouldn’t consider sailing for their next summer holiday

Basically, we’ve gone a bit soft, lost our sense of adventure. Soft and unadventurous isn’t going to get us anywhere in the post-Brexit apocalypse, so if you want to toughen up with something more challenging than a nice gentle walking holiday, here are five hand-picked Flash Pack adventure holidays to reignite the spirit of derring-do.

Get high and mighty in Nepal

Not even Captain Cook made it to that little old mountain range called the Himalayas, so get one up on the salty old dog by hiking the Everest trail. You’ll also get an upgrade from navy-issue rum: this trip includes a champagne breakfast and a Guinness at the world’s highest Irish pub.

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Get into your uncomfortable zone in Scotland

Girl hiking in the Quiraing,Quiraing

You don’t need to go to the other side of the world to be adventurous, nor do you need an ocean to get very wet. Aquatic challenges lie here in these very isles, especially if you feel like canoeing, canyoning and abseiling through the wilds of the Scottish Highlands.

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Chill, but don’t chill, in Iceland


It might not have the fearsome beasties of the tropics, but frost can bite just as hard as a tiger. Well, nearly. So the glacial hiking here shows a true spirit of adventure. You can also ‘sail’ on frozen water with snowmobiles.

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Set sail in the sands of Jordan

The desert is like an ocean, just drier. It’s vast, intimidating and not somewhere you want to find yourself alone at night. You won’t be alone on this trip, but you will be adventurous—it includes canyoning and hiking—and you’ll get to go to sea: floating in the Dead Sea like a fleshy sailing boat.

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Go natural in Peru

If you’re one of the 22% of adult Brits who have never slept in a tent, then this is one heck of a way to lose your canvas virginity: it involves camping in the great outdoors as you climb more than 5,000 metres to the summit of the awe-inspiring Rainbow Mountain.

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