Is this the world’s best-ever travel job?

There are certain job titles in life that are guaranteed to attract envy and exclamations of, ‘you get paid to do WHAT?’

The chocolate scout for a luxury hotel brand, say, or gin taster extraordinaire. Oh, and let’s not forget the all-amazing role that is a professional panda hugger.

Jostling for pole position in this line-up of incredible gigs is the Australian woman who recently travelled the globe to test out a series of breath-taking private villas.

Sorelle Amore landed a healthy wage of AU$40,000 (around £30,000) to visit 12 bespoke homes in the space of three months, for luxury house-swap service ThirdHome.

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The entrepreneur, who hails from New South Wales, won a competition with the company to document incredible places around the world, from Costa Rica to China and beyond. Her “job” saw her bed down in a vast array of exclusive properties, whether that was a fairytale castle in Scotland, or a James Bond-style getaway in the heart of the Caribbean.

She even stayed in a home that boasted an indoor palm tree in Bali (the golden standard for all great rentals, no?)

Sorelle was expected to do nothing more for her efforts than shout about the luxury homes she stayed in on her social media channels, including Instagram and YouTube.

Before taking on the gig, she had previously moved from Australia to Iceland, and had built up 100,000 followers on her YouTube channel by documenting her travels in the country.

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Sorelle says she always aims to be honest in her social media posts, which is perhaps why she beat 17,000 other hopefuls to bag the so-called “Best Job on the Planet” contest in the first place.

“I made sure I was truly vulnerable and honest in my video entries [to the competition], pouring my heart into every single one,” Sorelle tells

“[ThirdHome] told me later that they liked how real I was. I was a goofball, but I guess normal, and people could relate. I think that’s what stood out — just me being me.”

“I still don’t believe it’s real,” Sorelle continues.

“I’m going to sit down soon and read through my diary as so much happened in such a short amount of time. I just experienced what some people will never experience in their lifetime, and I did it in three months. It was very intense but it’s for sure going to go down as one of the greatest times of my life.”

Like any job, Sorelle’s round-the-world adventure had its downsides. Though she had the option to travel with a friend, she ventured out alone for most of the villa stays – and unsurprisingly, she spent a lot of timing waiting around at airports.

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“There were three days out of the three months that I was like ‘I’m so sad’, but then it went away really quickly because I saw it from the perspective of the people around me,” she says.

Sorelle’s role with the company has now come to an end, but she plans to continue growing her career as a travel influencer.

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“I plan on doing what I’m doing and actually teaching people how to be a travel influencer because I discovered this is a really great way to live,” she says. “Why would you not want to have a job like this?”

Why indeed.

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