We’re passionate about creating a friendly office environment that hits that sweet spot between productivity and good fun. We work hard, we play hard, we travel harder.

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Flash Pack is an award-winning adventure travel company that brings together solo travellers in their 30s and 40s. We curate spectacular trips around the world that empower people looking for challenge and escapism. Our mission is to create a great group dynamic between like-minded travellers, a goal that has seen us grow a powerful community of over 200,000 Flashpackers in more than 15 countries.

“With great vision and ambition adventure travel business Flash Pack hasn’t taken market share, it has created a completely new market. Flash Pack is really going places!” – The judges at Amazon’s Business Awards

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Chief Technology Officer

We’re on the hunt for a CTO who can transform the company into a global tech-led business.

This role will build up our tech for the future, scale us for international expansion and establish the technological vision fueling this rocketship. We’re not after a few new features here and a bit of code there to make the website work. We want you to design, build and develop our own technology to do everything we’ve ever imagined.

This is a completely new role within a mid-stage startup that has established products in 15 global markets. The successful candidate will have the freedom and flexibility to expand the role to the very limits of their ambition and capability.

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Head of Product

In this pivotal role, you’ll drive forward our YoY growth curve, by working on new strategies to keep our product portfolio head and shoulders above the rest.

As a product first business, you will be a core part of our senior management team to hone and deliver on Flash Pack’s unique offering at scale, and directly impact the growth and direction of the company.

This role will build up our product range for high growth, scale us for international expansion and establish the product vision to keep fueling this rocketship. This is a completely new role within a mid-stage startup that has established products in 15 global markets. The successful candidate will have the freedom and flexibility to expand the role to the very limits of their ambition and capability.

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Product Creator (Master of Escapism!)

In this pivotal role, you’ll be hunting down all the very best, most original experiences to shape into cutting-edge escapes that get people talking.

This position involves a fair amount of travel: you’ll be meeting with suppliers, agents and key contacts in destinations across the world.

It also requires real tenacity and commercial nous. We want someone who can spot an emerging travel trend at a hundred yards, and know how to convert that into a profitable and scalable trip.

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Full Stack Developer

Are you passionate about coding and love adventure travel? We’re looking for a full stack developer to lead on all things tech as we’re experiencing 400% YoY growth.

We offer a developer friendly environment in which you’ll be able to leave your mark on our award-winning company. You’ll be the first member of our fast-growing tech team with infinite possibilities to expand your role. Get involved!

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Product Operations Analyst

We are looking for a Product Operations Analyst to help our Product team deliver the best experience to customers, via our growing portfolio of worldwide adventures. In this exciting position, you will be working collaboratively alongside our sales and customer happiness teams to enable the company to rapidly expand. To succeed in this role, you’ll have an expert eye for data, and the ability to create and refine robust supply models. This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced analyst professional and born travel enthusiast to flex their skills at a time of unprecedented global growth.

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Product Operations Coordinator

We’re looking for a brilliant Product Operations Coordinator to play a central role at the heart of our fast-paced and dynamic Products team. As the first point of contact for our live departures, you’ll be closely involved in the day-to-day running of our growing adventure portfolio. We need an excellent communicator who is right at home overseeing all the detail of our worldwide trips, juggling seamless product launches with a continual drive for feedback-based development and quality reviews.

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Product Data Analyst

Flash Pack are looking for a Data Analyst to join our Product Portfolio team. We are looking for a data-obsessed analyst to rapidly provide an in-depth view of our product performance at a portfolio level. You’ll be someone who loves working with data and thrive off using technical analysis to solve strategic product problems and challenges as we grow at speed. We are looking for a highly motivated individual who is comfortable working in a fast-paced environment whilst focusing on driving business growth.

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Product Strategist

The Product team sits at the heart of the business and has three functions: New Product Development focuses specifically on developing and launching new exciting adventures before handing over to and Product Operations who manage the day to day logistics and delivery of these trips. The Portfolio team focuses on product performance and providing strategic direction to the rest of the product team on wider product challenges and guidance on what products we should launch next, new markets and propositions to consider so we can continue to meet our ambitious growth targets.

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Sales & Marketing Data Analyst

Are you passionate about data? We’re looking for a data analyst to help us become a truly data-driven company as we’re experiencing 400% YoY growth. This is an exciting opportunity for a hardworking, creative individual and born travel enthusiast to join us on the cusp of global expansion. You’ll be able to leave your mark on our award-winning company by providing insights to multiple teams and directly impacting our business strategy. Get involved!

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Finance Manager

Have you got what it takes to achieve meteoric targets in a global market? Flash Pack is looking for a a brilliant Finance Manager to play a central role in developing strategies to continue our high growth plans. Reporting to the Head of Strategy and Operations and working closely with the Interim Head of Finance, your key goal is to enable the Flash Pack leaders to make sound business decisions to ensure the company meets its ambitious goals. This is a fantastic opportunity for an experienced finance professional and born travel enthusiasts.

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Finance Administrator

Are you an obsessed with travel with a flair for driving profitability and growth? Are you a numbers whizz? Flash Pack is redefining the face of group travel and we need someone to help us continue our meteoric success story. Reporting directly to the Finance Manager, you’ll be a critical part of our growth. Your key goal will be to ensure everything runs smoothly in finance to keep flashpacking customers happy and help the business meets its ambitious goals. This is a great opportunity for a diligent, travel-hungry individual to be part of something you really believe in.

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About Us

Flash Pack careers

Multi award-winning travel company Flash Pack launched in 2014 to shake up the travel industry. Our aim is to revolutionise the outdated image of the group travel sector with an on-point and aspirational lifestyle brand experience.

In the past four years, we’ve enjoyed wall-to-wall press coverage, brand partnerships with MINI and Samsung, elated reception from our international customer base and 400% YoY growth. We’re now ready to tackle global expansion and we need your help in this exciting next step of our journey.

“Flash Pack has successfully targeted a previously underserved market. “Flash Pack is one of the few companies really catering for solo travellers in their 30s and 40s,” he says. “It is directly targeting this audience by providing inspiring trip itineraries designed specifically for the cash-rich, time-poor traveller who wants to get out and see the world, but doesn’t have time to plan every element of a trip for themselves”  – BBC 

A bit of background

Flash Pack is the brainchild of die-hard adventurists, Radha Vyas and Lee Thompson. Together, they want to change the face of the industry, shaking off tired old clichés associated with group travel. Their vision is to create comfort-busting adventures that really get under the skin of a place via local and unique experiences. Think all the thrill of backpacking, elevated by boutique hotels and seamless itineraries.

Flash Pack has tapped into a unique demand at a game-changing time for solo travel. In an age when the world is retreating behind screens, our trips spark meaningful connections and lifelong friendships. We are building a movement of like-minded solo travellers all over the globe. And we’re riding the tide of change at a pivotal moment for the industry.

Flash Pack team

An open culture of travel lovers


Flash Pack adventure team

You know when you just hit it off with a great group of people on the road? Working at Flash Pack is a bit like that. The people who work for us live and breathe travel, meaning they’re fun, unflappable types who are 100% committed to adventure. True, our brainstorming sessions sometimes veer off into a heated debate about where you can find the best bánh mì in Hanoi but we are passionate about true, off-radar travel – and that wanderlust draws us together. Our close-knit team can share their wackiest of brainwaves, from switching up the office layout to elaborate plans on how to smuggle in an office dog.

We value a work-hard, play-hard approach. In-between tending to our Flash Pack tribe and driving meteoric growth, you might find us playing ping-pong, feasting on homemade cake or vamoosing off to a research weekend in Finland. Even when we’re up to our ears in new projects (which is most of the time), we support each other and keep things upbeat. True adventures thrive on team work, so no-one is left behind.

Above all, Flash Pack has an open culture where your ideas can really be heard. We are a fast-growing team with an HQ in London, a desk in Melbourne and ambitious plans for expansion elsewhere. But we still retain the feel of a start-up. We’re not interested in hierarchy and there are no closed doors here. If you have a light-bulb concept that you think will work, we’re willing to listen and help you. We encourage you to flex your skills, even if it’s not in your immediate area of responsibility.

This is your chance to be creative and problem solve in a fast-moving culture, helping to shape the company at a time of unprecedented growth. And it’s an opportunity to join people who are truly engaged in what they do; people who share a belief in the life-changing power of adventure. Click here to view our current openings.

Perks and Benefits

Travel involved

Working for Flash Pack may not be a fast track ticket to travelling the world, yet there is certainly some travel involved!

Free flights

We provide all team members with a free flight each year to a Flash Pack destination, as well taking one lucky person from the office on every new trip we launch.

Master of fun

There’s also plenty of London based fun and games, with a new ‘Master of Fun’ each month organising some good ol’ team bonding.

A social affair

From ice skating to crazy golf, celebratory dinners to team lunches, working at Flash Pack is a pretty social affair.

Well stocked fridge

And our well-stocked fridge, biscuit jar and endless tea/coffee goes without saying…

No red tape

We don’t believe in closed doors. We’re a start-up culture at heart and if you have an idea, we want to hear it – even if it’s beyond your job spec.

Who we are looking for

There’s no such thing as a typical Flashpacker but one thing that unites us is a love of travel and adventure. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have worked in the travel industry. We’re just looking for people who’ve travelled a lot and relish the thrill of unique experiences and challenges all over the world.

No matter what position you’re applying for, candidates who can wax lyrical about travel always stand out. We’re looking for people who have inside knowledge of particular destinations, who can spot a great hotel at a hundred yards or who just love to dig beneath the surface of a place and embrace the Great Unknown. People who know how important it is to meet and make friends with other travellers on the road.

We’re a fast-paced business, so people who thrive with us typically have grit and a can-do attitude. They have bags of initiative and are able to come up with novel solutions in a rapidly changing and competitive sphere. Drive is also important; Flashpackers tend to be self-starters who thrive on delivering projects, and enjoy supporting the rest of the team at the same time.

Another major value we share is flexibility. Working for a young company means there’s great scope for growth, so we welcome all candidates who want to expand their skills and accelerate their career within a fast growing start-up. If you’re open to new ideas and strategies, and are happy to grow via coaching, you’re likely to feel at home here.

Flash Pack Team


The Flash Pack team

Lindsay Ferry


Before joining Flash Pack, I was on a career travel break, and it was during this time that I discovered their adventure trips. This set me off on a travel path which took me to Europe, North & South America and Asia. The icing on the cake is that I have made so many genuine friends and I credit Flash Pack with helping create such strong bonds through their irresistible trips. I joined Flash Pack from Merrill Lynch

Tough Mudder David


As a dual national with German and American citizenship, my upbringing was full of travel and living in different cultures. Before moving to the UK, I lived for 5 years in the USA and I spent a summer semester in South East Asia. I thrive in a start-up culture and love having the ability to shape the company’s growth. Flash Pack has also supported my ping-pong development. I came from Tough Mudder to join the Flash Pack team 

Jon Mortimer


I’ve been fortunate to have travelled a fair bit so far. I kicked things off by backpacking Asia, Australasia and North America. After joining the Army as an Officer, I saw a lot of Jordan, Kenya and Afghanistan by helicopter. I love hiking and my best experience to date was self-navigating the Ganja La Pass in Nepal. Before joining Flash Pack I was at Uber. 

Jenni Shaw


I came to Flash Pack after a childhood spent hearing adventure tales from my globetrotting grandparents and adventurous family holidays across the globe.  My passions for travel, creativity and meeting new people are synonymous with Flash Pack’s own culture and I genuinely love coming to work every day to work alongside some pretty awesome people who are doing some pretty awesome things. 


After six years working in a pretty staid, grey, corporate job I decided enough was enough. It was time to make a radical change and to try and start a career focused on something I’ve always loved – travel! I discovered Flash Pack at the perfect time and it’s proven to be the best decision I’ve ever made. The fun, hard-working, fast-paced startup vibe suits me down to the ground!


When I was 6, my parents whisked me and my two siblings off around the world. We lived in France, India, Taiwan and Australia, among many other places. Japan made a powerful impression on me as a child, and I finally made it back there this year. It was my passion for travel that led me to Flash Pack, where I’m surrounded by self-driven people in a positive, challenging environment.



As a lifestyle journo, I’ve travelled all over the world with my job. I’ve been lucky enough to experience some once-in-a-lifetime things; open-top road trips from San Fran to L.A, sleeping in a converted lighthouse on the Icelandic coast, chilling in a sauna with Sting in Norway and driving an Aston Martin to Kate Moss’s luxury holiday pad. Real wow moments. In some ways, I’ve been Flashpacking all along.



I got the travel bug from my ever-travelling-for-work father. He would bring back gifts from everywhere he went – a Bob Marley tape from Jamaica was my favourite and started my love affair with reggae. While travelling with Flash Pack, I fell in love with the concept and asked for a job! What I love most about working here is bringing in my best friend/dog Sid for constant hugs!



I love adventure, even the boring bits – 6 hour bus journey through the middle of nowhere? Yes please! I’ve been lucky and managed to travel to lots of places, either with my ancient backpack or with work (one of the perks of the job!). Next up is a road trip across southern Africa, hiking in Nepal or eating my own body weight in Mexico. There are too many amazing places!



I’ve been working with premium brands and producing content for almost six years, and love exploring the world (Japan, Canada and India are my faves). At Flash Pack I get to do what I love and work with inspiring people, whilst the start-up culture means we have the freedom to be as creative as we want. This (along with the prosecco supply), makes up for me losing every game of ping pong I’ve played here.



I’ve been fortunate enough to spend most of my life abroad, travelling or living in various cities.  I lived for 4 years in Prague, and fell in love with this beautiful city. I see life as an adventure, and love to experience new things, cultures and people.  One of the most important things to me are the people you accidently meet on your life journey and become lifelong friends with.



My fascination for travel started at twelve when Mum whisked my sister and I off backpacking in New Zealand! After a few years exploring India, Asia and Australia I knew a career in travel was for me, I never fancied a traditional office job and after working at a start-up while living in Melbourne I was hooked! I love the freedom and creativity that’s encouraged and nurtured at Flash Pack.


As a child, I always dreamt about travelling the world to experience different cultures and landscapes. It was a dream that started to become a reality on my first Flash Pack team trip to Spain. Zooming past fields of sunflowers, thick forests and winding mountain ranges on Vespa, and eating tapas alongside a rushing stream is my best trip so far. Next on the list? Croatia and Bali.


Since childhood, I’ve enjoyed travelling and getting to know other countries, as my Mum was born in Cyprus and we would visit a lot when I was younger. I moved to London 8 years ago, making a home here while starting out as a designer. I’ve been working in media and start-up companies for 4 years as a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Picture Editor.


I’ve always been open to learning about new cultures and seeing other parts of the world, which is what led me here. The great thing about Flash Pack is that it’s not just a travel company – it’s a progressive tech-based start-up where you have the ability to shape things in innovative ways. I love working with people with entrepreneurial minds, and luckily my office is full of them.


I’ve been travelling solo since my high school days, when I volunteered in community health and education projects in Nicaragua and Argentina. Since then, I’ve taken any internship opportunities to work abroad and I’ve been backpacking all across South America. The great thing about Flash Pack is that I get to work with travel stories and arrange for people to go on their adventures.


I’ve always loved working with people, which led me to study French and Spanish at university. I lived in Vigo in Spain for a year, where I was working and travelling independently every weekend. It gave me the chance to get under the skin of Spain and understand the mentality of a different culture. Since working here, I love the freedom and flexibility that comes with the start-up culture.


When people ask me where I am from, I find it difficult to answer – I lived in major cities such as Tel-Aviv, New York, Paris, Shanghai and London. In each location, I tried to travel around as much as possible, which explains why it was a no-brainer to join Flash Pack. As one of the marketing managers at Flash Pack, I love working in a fun, challenging environment and shaping the growth of the company.


After growing up in Malaga I have always had a thirst for learning new cultures. I moved back to Spain at the age of 20 and worked in Barcelona for a year. I have since travelled to America, Asia and Africa. Working at Flash Pack is so great as I am able to really contribute to developing the team and I feel like we are all working towards a common goal!


I lived in Istanbul and Oslo for 6 months while studying Medieval History at university, which gave me an insider perspective on these unique and beautiful cities. I loved getting under the skin of these cultures and learning about the people. When I came home, I even missed hearing the call to prayer 5 times a day. I encourage everyone to get out there and see a country in its day-to-day life.


A self-confessed language nerd, I’ve never come across a language I didn’t want to learn or a culture I didn’t want to know more about. Through my degree in French, Spanish and Catalan I lived in Barcelona and Brittany and after graduating I travelled South-East Asia, South America, New Zealand and Australia, meeting amazing people and seeing incredible sights along the way. The minute I got back I knew I wanted to help others have these experiences, and the friendly and welcoming culture of Flash Pack drew me in instantly.


Making connections with people and places all over the world is something I have always loved. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you’re heading out of the door ready to explore somewhere new.  I love the sociability, flexibility and excitement that comes with working at a start-up. In my previous jobs, I used to day dream about my next adventure – but at Flash Pack, I get to live out that “work hard, play hard, travel hard” dream!


I was extremely fortunate to grow up with a family that loved to travel, in particular going on hiking holidays. My love for it has only grown as I’ve gotten older – in the past few years I’ve been lucky enough to go up Mount Kilimanjaro, as well as exploring the national parks in the US West Coast and the Cairngorms in Scotland. I’ve worked in startups since leaving university, and being surrounded by passionate and ambitious people at Flash Pack makes it an awesome place to work – every day provides a new and exciting challenge!


Having grown up under the Australian sun, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience life among different cultures. I love nothing more than the thrill of travelling to new places, getting under the skin of a country and learning about the people. Travelling through Namibia investigating the impact of trophy hunting on local communities and wildlife populations will forever be a highlight for me. It is this passion for adventure that led me to videography, and working in such a creative environment means I’m always surrounded by positive and inspiring people.


The vast majority of my life decisions have been based around whether they will give me the opportunity to travel and I started my career working for a safari specialist, travelling and planning trips through Africa seeking out some of the most unique and adventurous experiences the continent had to offer (wading through swamps in the Congo, picking limes for a G&T remains a highlight). Flash Pack lets me use this experience and my love for finding experiences not included in the TripAdvisor top ten and apply it to the whole world.


My love of travel stems from my parents working for an airline whilst I was growing up which meant we all got to travel a lot! I took my first steps in Cape Town and have had the travelling bug ever since. I went back to retrace my Cape Town steps last year on an incredible road trip across Southern Africa. I worked at HelloFresh previously and love the start-up culture!


Combined with my love for travel, I’ve always had a passion for start-ups and entrepreneurship, which is what led me to Flash Pack. I’ve started two of my own businesses while studying at university, but I wanted the real life experience of working in a startup. This also meant that I could apply my Facebook advertising & videography skills to a high growth startup.


I experienced my first ever road trip aged 4 months, from Bangkok to the south of Thailand. Since then, my life has been full of adventures, from camping under mountain stars to kayaking down the Mekong in a monsoon. My interest in languages led me to live in Andalusia and Tuscany, where I immersed myself in their cultures and made great friends from around the world. As a copywriter at Flash Pack, I use words to bring adventures to life. What I love about working here is that I’m constantly surrounded by creative energy and brilliant minds.


Having a German mother and an American-Turkish father, I have been brought up with different cultures my entire life. When I was younger, my grandparents lived in South Africa and my father moved back to the States, so already as a young child, I travelled a lot and my love for travel just kept growing from there. After leaving my home country, Germany,  I lived in Turkey and Spain before moving to the UK. I love my job: working in a start-up and growing the German market gives me lots of responsibility and the ability to be creative.


I love working with people and making connections, which is what led me across 10 countries in the space of 8 months. Central America was a big highlight of my adventures – Mexico, Cuba and Colombia were all amazing! Working in Sales at Flash Pack means I get to work in a fun and fast-paced environment where I’m chatting to people all day about their upcoming adventures.


I graduated from uni without a clue about what to do next. So naturally, I gave into the travel bug, spending a year traversing the beautiful landscapes of Australia, and meandering through SE Asia for a few months on my way home. After getting back, I couldn’t possibly imagine settling into an office job. That’s until I found Flash Pack! Now I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by like-minded wanderlusters, while pursuing my career in HR.


When I finished school, I lived in France for 4 months, which made me realise there’s a big world out there and gave me a thirst for travel. My proudest achievement is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and raising 3k for charity. As a videographer, I love the freedom and creativity of working in a start-up environment. I’m constantly taking on big challenges, starting out as a film-maker and exploring my own ideas.


Originally from Birmingham, my parents dragged me kicking-and-screaming to the south west of France at the ripe age of 6. I have since learned to embrace new cultures, returning to the UK to study Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Through my studies, I have been lucky to live and work across the globe, including a year in Shanghai. My passion for travel and foreign cultures led me to Flash Pack’s doorstep.

We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent to join our fast growing team, so have a browse of our latest vacancies if you want to join the gang. No agencies, please.