Need inspo? These Flashpackers share their future travel plans

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What travel will look like around the world after COVID-19 is still uncertain – but there’s one thing that is: we will travel again.

When things eventually get back to normal and our adventurous spirits are finally set free, you’re going to need a plan.

So – in case you haven’t planned your next adventure yet – we asked the Flash Pack community for some inspo. We asked what their future travel plans hold, what they’re looking forward to and when they think they might be able to get out there.

Read these and get inspired, then dream up your perfect adventure and we’ll be on hand to help you make it happen.

Here we go.

Hannah: Australia

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Daydreaming of: “I was aiming to travel to Australia this summer, as I’ve never been and it’s always been on ‘the list’. It would have fitted in perfectly this year – and I was making plans to visit friends I’d made when travelling around Europe a couple of years ago. They live in Sydney and were keen to travel around Australia too as they hadn’t seen much of the country themselves.”

Can’t wait for: “I can’t wait to take a boat trip around the Great Barrier Reef. I couldn’t visit Australia and not stop at one of the world’s oldest, largest and most beautiful natural systems, could I? It would be an amazing experience to snorkel amongst the countless species of marine life.”

When I’ll go: “I’d aimed to go this summer but, as that’s unlikely to happen, it might have to wait until summer 2021.”

Jess: Peru

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Daydreaming of: “Peru has been on my list of vacations for over 10 years! My dream vacation includes trekking Machu Picchu and plans always change, so I’ve decided to travel there alone instead of waiting for friends to have the time and money to join me.”

Can’t wait for: “A specific moment I’m most looking forward to is my first night camping on the trek to Machu Picchu, and of course the moment when I reach the top.”

When I’ll go: “I’m hoping to go late this year, if the travelling restrictions and circumstances change.”

Jake: Italy

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Daydreaming of: “Lake Como. It’s one of the most consistently beautiful areas I’ve ever been to. The vibe and culture there has to seen and felt to be believed.”

Can’t wait for: “I’d love to hire a boat and whiz around the lake, parking up and diving off the side.”

When I’ll go: “Not sure when I’ll go yet, need to find myself a travel buddy for this one.”

Caroline: Costa Rica

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Daydreaming of: “I’ve wanted to visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest, in Costa Rica, for a long time. Having recently seen it on the BBC’s ‘Race Across the World’, it’s reignited my desire to visit.”

Can’t wait for: “I’d especially love to do a canopy tour/zipwire above the rainforests for the exhilaration and to see the vast expanse from above. I’d also love to visit some hidden waterfalls and just relax in such a beautiful place, surrounded by all the wildlife.”

When I’ll go: “Hopefully I will plan to make this my 2021 adventure and become a brave new me!”

Stacey: Peru

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Daydreaming of: “I can’t wait to travel to Peru. I’ve recently bought my first pair of hiking boots and starting hiking close to home (I live out near the Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia). I’ve never been much of a nature person as I’m terrified of snakes and spiders, so it’s always stopped me! But after my recent trip to Laos and all the hiking/nature, I felt inspired and ready to go on this journey.”

Can’t wait for: “Machu Picchu has always been something I’ve wanted to complete (a bucket list item, if you will). Since looking further into things to do while in Peru and starting up my South America Pinterest board, I’ve been eager to complete many more hikes. The diversity of this, combined with the history and the culture, has me captivated and constantly dreaming of when I’ll be able to get there.”

I’d love to complete the Lake Humantay hike, as this is surrounded by so much rich Inca and Peruvian natural history. It looks so tranquil and like something out of a movie: turquoise lakes and glaciers – what more could a girl want right?!”

When I’ll go: “I’d love to go early next year (or as early as I can get back on an international flight!)

Emma: Galapagos

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Daydreaming of: “I’m daydreaming of Galapagos, to see unique and diverse wildlife in their natural unspoilt habitat. The beaches and volcano landscape is also meant to be beautiful and not packed with tourists, due to visitor limits.”

Can’t wait for: “I’d love to dive or snorkel in the marine reserve – and see a giant tortoise that is probably older than I will ever be!”

When I’ll go: “I plan on going next year when all of this craziness is hopefully over, or restrictions have been eased.”

Holly: Zanzibar

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Daydreaming of: “I’m daydreaming of Zanzibar – the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters just make it perfect to switch off from the world.”

Can’t wait for: “I’d love to visit Stone Town. The monument against slavery in the grounds of the cathedral looks incredibly powerful and moving.”

When I’ll go: “I plan on going later this year or next year. It’s dependent on the world situation around COVID-19 and when it’s safe to travel again.”

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