Safety with Flash Pack

All Flash Pack adventures are designed with your absolute safety in mind


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We are committed to building exciting adventures that are as safe as possible. We take risk management very seriously and work hard alongside our local providers to mitigate any potential hazards. Before we run a trip, we go through a process of identifying risks and minimizing these through high-quality safety procedures. Our expert local Pack Leaders are trained to effectively communicate all safety advice and to prioritize the welfare of our travelers. We are constantly monitoring the safety of our trips and reviewing our procedures, and we welcome all feedback.

If a serious situation was to occur in a Flash Pack destination, we would use both the UK’s FCDO travel advice and our network of knowledgeable local suppliers to make well-informed security decisions. In a serious situation, the FCDO may advise against traveling to a country and in these scenarios, our booking terms and conditions would apply. If you are on a trip and the FCDO advice changes we will make arrangements to get you home as quickly and safely as possible.

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Both travel and flight insurance are mandatory for everyone that travels with Flash Pack. In the rare event that there is an accident or emergency whilst on a trip, it is important that you have the correct insurance policy. Travel and flight insurance also gives you peace of mind and allows you to enjoy your adventure without worry. For more information on our mandatory travel insurance policy, please click here.

If Flashpackers choose to book additional activities outside of their itinerary, these are their own risk, and we cannot be held responsible for their safety.

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Many countries’ governments offer their own travel advice. Below are some useful links regarding travel abroad:

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