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Morocco Group Tours for Solo Travelers

Travel solo as part of a group tour to Morocco

Why Travel Solo To Morocco?

With less than an hour between Tarifa and Tangier, Morocco is where North Africa brushes up against Moorish southern Europe. In Morocco, Arab and European influences happily coexist, all underpinned by ancient Amazigh (Berber) culture.

The range of landscapes in Morocco is just as varied and breathtaking: the Atlas Mountains, peaking at Mt Toubkal’s 4,167m; the vast Sahara Desert; and the rugged Atlantic coastline, serving some of the best surf on the continent.

Then, there are Morocco’s color-rich cities. Marrakech, with its labyrinthine medina and traditional textiles. The Rif Mountain ‘blue city’ of Chefchaouen, with its sapphire-washed streets and alleyways winding into the hills. Casablanca, elegant and sea-washed. And many more, brimming with history and character…

Offering good value for travelers and a year-round temperate climate, it’s no wonder Morocco consistently ranks as one of Flash Pack’s most popular destinations. You’ll quickly fall in love – and be back for more.

Please see our FAQs page about travel to Morocco after the September 2023 earthquake.  

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Top places to visit in Morocco


Marrakech’s medina is a walled city, built during the Berber Empire. Meander through bustling souks sampling local cuisine, tour ancient ruins and marvel at the architectural beauty of mosques, palaces and markets.


Take to the beach in Essaouira, a beautiful, breezy port city on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Nicknamed the ‘Wind City of Africa’, it’s particularly popular with windsurfers. Escape the coastal wind in the spice-filled alleys of the winding medina.


A small fishing village north of Agadir is home to some of the best waves in Africa. If you prefer calmer waters, pop over to Paradise Valley on the Tamraght River to take in a palm-lined gorge, complete with pools and waterfalls.


Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city, a commercial hub boasting a blend of Moorish, art deco and French colonial influences. Admire the graceful architecture with a fresh Atlantic breeze to keep you cool.

Trips to Morocco

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4 Days in Morocco

Morocco: Escape to Marrakech

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8 Days in Morocco

Morocco Highlights: From Coast to Medina

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13 Days in Morocco

The Best of Morocco

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Morocco facts

What are the national languages of Morocco?

Arabic and Berber

What’s the currency in Morocco?

Moroccan dirham


Set your watches for GMT+1

Top three activities

1. Visit a hammam
2. Take a camel ride through the desert
3. Surf some of the best waves in Africa

Top five dishes to try

1. Tagine – slow-cooked aromatic stew
2. Chicken pastilla – pie with crisp pastry
3. Maakouda – crispy potato fritters
4. Zalouk – aubergine and tomato salad
5. Couscous – crushed durum wheat semolina

77 °f

Average temp in high season

What's the weather like?

Morocco has a subtropical desert climate with average temperatures in the high season of 77ºF (25ºC) and 54ºF (12ºC) in winter.

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