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Greece Group Tours for Solo Travelers

Travel solo as part of a group tour to Greece

Why travel solo to Greece?

Warm turquoise sea, sunshine in spades and an ancient culture spanning four millennia… Greece is a magical, mythical destination to explore – especially on a solo travel group tour.

Look at a map of Greece and it’s almost as if someone has scattered a trail of delicate confetti over the Aegean Sea. With more than 4,000 islands, ranging from uninhabited rocky outcrops to photogenic vacation hotspots, you could spend a lifetime exploring – and still not visit them all.

Let’s not forget the mainland, mind. Athens is one of the world’s great cities, crowned by its ancient Acropolis, visible for miles around, with edgy, intriguing neighborhoods all nudged around its hem.

Away from the cosmopolitan capital, in the wild, rural hinterland, much of Greece remains blissfully rugged, riddled with olive groves, whitewashed chapels and low-key villages. Add to that an abundance of legendary hospitality in the form of home-spun tavernas and this might just be Europe’s ultimate summer escape. Group vacations for solo travelers in Greece never looked so good…

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Top places to visit in Greece


Hot, edgy, ancient but ever-evolving, there’s an irrepressible energy about Europe’s oldest capital. Crowned by the hilltop Acropolis, storied ruins are never far from view. But it’s the lively markets, cool cafes and buzzing rooftop bars that make this city such an appealing place to visit on a solo travel group tour of Greece.


The undisputed star of the Cyclades, Santorini’s dramatic landscape was formed by one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history. The half-sunken crater that was left behind is a must-see sight for its steep polychromatic cliffs, vivid sunsets and views of the island’s sugar-cube buildings.


Known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and vibrant party scene, there’s a traditional side to Mykonos too: stone-paved alleys, whitewashed houses and cute chapels dot the rural landscape. But walk down the main street of Chora and you’ll find designer boutiques, boho chic cafes and some of the finest restaurants in Greece.


Greece’s largest island feels like a country in its own right. The rugged interior is dotted with rural farms and villages, while the lowlands are lined with stunning beaches, vineyards and pastel-colored towns. From the Minoan Palace of Knossos to the stunning Imbros Gorge, it’s a place of intriguing history, ancient myths and genuine hospitality.

Trips to Greece

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8 Days in Greece

Mythical Crete

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8 Days in Greece

Greece: Athens & the Islands

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Greece Facts

What's the national language?


What's the currency in Greece?



The timezone in Greece is GMT+2

Top 3 activities

1. Sailing around the Cyclades Islands
2. Exploring ancient Greek ruins
3. Learning to cook authentic local dishes

Top 5 dishes to try

1. Souvlaki – skewers of grilled meat often served with tzatziki, pita bread, salad or rice
2. Moussaka – layers of aubergine, minced meat and potatoes topped with a bechamel sauce
3. Fasolatha – white-bean soup with crushed tomatoes, vegetables and herbs
4. Loukoumades – small fried doughnut balls drenched in honey and sprinkled with nuts
5. Spanakopita – flaky filo pastry parcels usually filled with meat, spinach or feta

29 °c

Average temp in high season

What's the weather like in Greece?

Greece has a Mediterranean climate, with long, dry summers. Winter on the islands is mild but the mainland can experience heavy snow. The average summer temperature is 84ºF (28.7ºC), while winter temperatures average 50ºF (10ºC).

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