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Norway Trips

Why travel solo to Norway?

Norway is famed for its majestic natural beauty, and it lives up to everything you’d expect – with a touch of the unexpected.

The landscapes of Norway are the stuff of adventure dreams: steep fjords giving way to deep blue lakes, pristine glaciers and icefields, snow-capped mountains and rugged coastline – all infused with the wild, desolate beauty of the Arctic. Then there’s Norway’s wildlife. Its waters are frequented by orca, sperm and humpback whales, whilst on dry land, it’s not uncommon to encounter reindeer, musk oxen, moose and Arctic foxes roaming in the wilderness.

On our long weekend escape, you’ll explore the fjords by kayak, hike your way across Jodestal Glacier and drink in the coastal charms of Bergen. New to Scandinavia? Norway will keep you coming back for more.

Norway Facts

What's The Weather Like?

Norway has an average summer temperature of 80F (27C) and an average winter temperature of 35F (2C). If you’re looking for the best time to visit Norway, it’s usually during the shoulder seasons in spring (May to June) and fall (September to October).

80 °f

Average temp in high season

What Are The National Languages?


What is the currency?

Norwegian Krone


Central European Summer Time (GMT +2)

Top Three Experiences

1. Glacier Hiking in Jostedalsbreen National Park
2. Kayaking across Lustrafjorden
3. Boat trip across the fjords

Top five dishes to try

1. Lefse
2. Kumla
3. Lutefisk
4. Pickled Herring
5. Krumkake


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