Beach holidays for solo travellers

Join a group tour with other like-minded solo travellers in their 30s and 40s

Sri Lanka, Colombia, Thailand… If remote beach beauty is what you’re craving, you’re not far from finding it.

Here at Flash Pack, group solo travel means bringing together people in their 30s and 40s for immersive trips full of ‘can’t-do-by-yourself’ experiences. 

Say, sleeping under the stars on your own private island in The Philippines. Or zipping over to the Rosario Islands in Colombia for smart restaurants and bars.  But the list doesn’t end there. Some of our other favourite beach holidays include Sri Lanka, where no two shores feel the same. And Bali with its endless snorkelling opportunities and Gili Islands in reach. Then, naturally, there’s Zanzibar, Portugal, Costa Rica, Mexico and more…

Yes, the list is long – but just keep scrolling. You’ll find your ideal beach escape in no time.

Solo beach holiday FAQ

Why should you go on a beach holiday?

Nothing quite says ‘holiday’ like spending long days at the beach. With Flash Pack, you’ll be doing so much more than lounging around. Head off on snorkelling expeditions, spend the day island-hopping or embark on tropical hikes. All with like-minded travellers in their 30s and 40s for company…

At Flash Pack, we ensure you get the most out of your solo beach holiday with our handcrafted group travel packages. Learn more about how it works.

Why should you embark on a group solo trip?

We understand group solo travel can be daunting at first. But it just might be one of the best things you’ll ever do. Taking on new challenges is what we’re all about at Flash Pack and stepping that tiny bit outside your comfort zone is often a revelation.

You just need to be brave enough to take that first step – and trust us to take care of the rest… In return, you’ll meet like-minded people – all in their 30s and 40s – and make amazing new friends along the way.

Why choose Flash Pack for your group solo travel adventure?

Back in 2014, our co-founder and keen traveller, Radha Vyas, spotted a gap in the group tour market for people in their 30s and 40s. So, she set up Flash Pack to deliver immersive, experience-led group adventures for like-minded people at the same life stage. The vast majority of Flashpackers (98%, in fact) arrive solo, travel together – and leave having made lifelong friends. So, why not join us?