The magic of work friendships: Lauren and Emma

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On average, we spend nine years of our lives at work – meaning it’s hugely important to share that time with people that we like and connect with. Time and again, research has found that having close, trusting relationships is key to a better workplace experience. Despite this, many of us struggle to reach beyond the banter and find “real” friends in a professional setting.

So – what makes the difference between a casual work acquaintance, and someone we truly value? And can that chemistry really happen in a remote environment? As a fully remote company that prides itself on the power of community and adult friendship, Flash Pack is ideally placed to answer these questions.

In our new behind-scenes friendship series, we speak to Flash Pack’s Head of Social Media, Lauren Lind, and Head of PR, Emma Green, on what makes their relationship tick – even with an ocean between them…

Lauren on her friendship with Emma

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Emma and I met at a Flash Pack social event last September, just as we were both beginning our new roles. It was karaoke night at SuperStar BBQ in London. We didn’t actually sing together but we had a lovely chat. I remember thinking how much I liked her American accent, and that she seemed cool. 

Lee Thompson (Flash Pack’s co-founder and CMO) had mentioned that Emma and I – heading up PR and social media respectively – would likely be working together. But that relationship turned out to be closer than any of us anticipated. Soon into starting our jobs, we were having huddles every day via Slack and building Flash Pack’s social and PR offering into something really strong. 

Emma’s so kind and honest, and she really listens well

From a professional perspective, it was wonderful; but the best thing was the way that it evolved into a lovely friendship, too. Emma and I may be based on the opposite sides of the Atlantic, but we chat a lot. After a day of meetings, we often end up popping in another after-hours chat – just to catch up on life stuff, beyond work. 

Emma’s so kind and honest, and she really listens well. We’ve been able to talk about things like our relationships, and what it means to be strong women and female leaders. We’ve shared some deep conversations about the struggles we’ve faced, and what we want to do with our lives. I feel like we’re very connected. 

I met Emma for the second time in person when she flew over for Flash Pack’s Christmas party, and it was so nice to spend some time together. I can’t wait to see her again in New York, as part of our upcoming friendship campaign. It’ll be great to have a glass of wine and chat together.

Having people you feel close to at work makes such a big difference

A while back, I had a hard week in my personal life and it felt so nice to say to Emma, “Hey, can I just tell you about this thing for five minutes at the end of our work call?” Hearing her perspective and advice was amazing. It made me realize that the world is a much better place when you have people who understand what you’re going through, and can check in on you.

Having people you feel close to at work makes such a big difference. Even last night, Emma sent me a lovely message on WhatsApp. It makes work so much better. I feel very happy and fulfilled in the things that I’m doing, and the people that I’m working with.

Emma on her friendship with Lauren

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I feel lucky that some of my best friendships in life have come out of work. But I assumed that making the same kind of connections might be a challenge at Flash Pack, because of the fact that we’re all remote. And, while I’m based in New York, most other people (including Lauren) work out of the UK. 

So there are fewer chances to meet up, but I feel like Lauren understands that and has provided a unique sense of connection – literally from across the pond. I really appreciate the fact that she often works past her own hours to have conversations with me. It helps make me feel more connected to Flash Pack and its marketing team. 

Some of my best friendships in life have come out of work

What initially drew me to Lauren is the fact we collaborate together on brand campaigns; there’s a lot of overlap between our two roles. We have a great working relationship. On top of that, however, I also have a profound respect for her. Lauren is a bad-ass she’s crazily accomplished in her career. I always try to surround myself with people who inspire me, and working closely with her pushes me in my own role.

Lauren is such a positive person, too. I’ve learnt a lot from her already. There are so many challenges that come with working for a new company in a new city (I moved to New York to take up the role with Flash Pack). When you spend 40 hours a week on your computer, it’s important to feel like you’re building real-life bonds with people. Lauren has helped to fill that void; she’s made me feel so much better about this major transition point in my life. And she’s been exceptionally good at making time to grow a remote relationship between us. 

I’m inspired by Lauren and care about her as a friend, and that helps our work relationship

The fact that our conversations often bleed into non-work talk helps build a core sense of empathy, too. I love understanding people and having those personal relationships. I think I’m better at collaborating with Lauren on a professional basis because I know so much about her personality, and what makes her tick. I’m inspired by her and care about her as a friend, and that helps our work relationship.

We’ve had dozens of Slack huddles since we first met last year. Those are great because you can support each other emotionally, and hear more clearly what you’re both feeling about a given situation. It’s much better than simply firing messages back and forth.

While we’ve connected a few times IRL, I think we’re in dire need of an Aperol Spritz together on a patio somewhere – to decompress after a long day’s work. That’s a little piece of the friendship that’s missing right now. But I know we’ll make it work the next time I’m in London or she’s in New York.

Lauren Lind and Emma Green both work at group adventure travel company Flash Pack. Lauren is Head of Social Media and Emma is Head of PR & Partnerships.

Interested in a career with Flash Pack? Visit our careers page to find out more about our global work culture, benefits and current vacancies. 

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