Best places to go in November: Our top 7 picks for a solo vacation

Andrew Dickens

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Why not travel the world when your own country is at its worst? Here are the best places to go in November for a solo vacation and some great tips on what to do there

Let’s be honest: November in many countries is a crappy month. It has almost no redeeming features. The beauty and gentle warmth of autumn are replaced by a damp chill and sludgy floors. The winter holidays (or Christmas for non-secular types) are still weeks away and summer is nine months away. It’s not even good for skiing in most countries.

This all adds up to a large dose of motivation to go somewhere that’s nice at that time of year, perhaps on a solo vacation. If you’re feeling like that, we’re here to help: here are the best places to go in November, particularly for solo travel.


Bali sunset best places t go november

If you want some proper beach weather (and beach activities and other activities) then Bali is spot-on, with average temperatures registering around 30C in November. Perfect for watersports, but not too hot for a hike or scooter road trip.

Travel tips for November: take an umbrella. It rains in November, but that’s all the better for clearing the air.


morrocan food best places to go november

Africa can sound like a very distant continent, but for European travellers, it’s a stone’s throw away (if you can throw a stone 9 miles). Morocco is a joy in November, with comfortably warm weather (usually above 20C) making the wonderful souks, dunes, beaches and restaurants even more appealing

Travel tips for November: 18th November sees Moroccan Independence Day, so get involved with the parades and festivals.


old women in myanmar best places to go in november

November is the start of peak season in Myanmar, with pleasant mid-20s temperatures. Its isolation from the world, plus a ‘colourful’ political past (and present), makes it a unique place to visit. It’s also stunningly beautiful with great food and friendly people.

Travel tips for November: try to track down some local wine. Yes, it’s a real thing.

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car and street in cuba best places to go in november

Another country with an interesting recent past, and another country full of vibrancy, wonderful food and lovely people. All with added rum. Like most Carribean countries, Cuba has perfect temperatures all year, with November offering a pleasant 25-30C.

Travel tips for November: take a hoodie or sweater for the cooler evenings. Shorts can stay on.


day of the dead masks mexico best places to go in november

Mexico is a big country with big culture, but if you’re going in November – the dry season – head for the capital Mexico City or the Yucatan Peninsula (there’s more to it than Cancun) and indulge in a culture-cocktail-collapsed on the beach combo solo vacation.

Travel tips for November: get there early: 1st and 2nd November will see the Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) celebrations.


Think of the best places to go on vacation in November vacation and you’ll think winter sun. In Iceland, however, you’ll get between five and eight hours of daylight during the month. But you’ll get some amazing light for photographs, ice caves, glaciers and maybe even the Northern Lights. And the hot springs just get more enjoyable.

Travel tips for November: the clue is in the country’s name. Take all your best woolies, snow boots and a very warm coat.


If you’re wondering where to go on vacation in November, when it’s your worst month, then surely flipping hemispheres means you’ll end up in the best month. Right? Right. It’s late spring in Australia, with flora and fauna at their height, but airfares pretty low. The perfect time to travel.

Travel tips for November: get around the country as much as possible because the country won’t look or feel better than this.


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