The one travel talent of people in their 30s

By Anna Brech

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We’ve all made bad travel decisions, right?

That might be waking up in Bangkok to discover you’ve tattooed your face with a septic-looking motif (looking at you, Hangover guys) or it could be opting to take that “fun” bus across Paraguay – a choice you come to regret ten, bum-numbing hours later…

But as we get older, our tolerance for roughing it wanes.

Suddenly, the prospect of spending a night on a beach to save a few dollars loses its appeal, and we’ll no longer risk life and limb to purchase dodgy second-hand malaria tablets.

A new poll from Expedia reveals that people in their 30s have the most discerning travel tastes of all. The company quizzed over 1,000 US travellers of all ages on their holiday preferences and behaviours.

They found that millennials (aged 24-35) are most likely to book a hotel on their trip, above all other generations. With a leaning towards luxury, this age group also prefer premium all-inclusive holidays, where annoying little logistical details are taken out of their hands.

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The study also showed that generation X’s (aged 36-55), are prepared to dole out most for their hotel. Of all age groups, people in this bracket undergo the most rigorous research and review process before booking.

It’s an illuminating picture. Look at the overlap, and you’ll see people in their 30s hit that golden period where they only want the best from travel – and are tireless in their quest to track that down.

No procrastinating or day-dreaming, here. No crappy rooms where the air con doesn’t work and the sink smells funny. Instead, the astute travel nous of the average 30-something means they’ll accept nothing less than a world-class standard.

Compare this to Generation Z (18-24), who scrimp on accommodation and take their lead from social media in choosing where to book. A whopping 90% of this age group said their travel decisions were strongly influenced by Facebook and Instagram.

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Meanwhile, Baby Boomers (55 upwards) are too distracted to think about luxury. with more than 67% travelling to visit family – rather than a standalone trip.

So, while the young ‘uns are all off chasing empty Insta-dreams and the older lot are hunting down their relatives, those in their 30s hit the sweet spot by cleaning up on all the best hotels at the best deals.

Get in.

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