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Untold Jordan

Desert glamping, Dead Sea relaxing and a secret hike to Petra

Untold Jordan

8 Days | From $2795

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About your trip

From the lowest point on earth to the starry constellations above; Jordan’s beauty covers all bases.

Think of Jordan and you’ll inevitably think of the Dead Sea and Petra. But what about the secrets of Amman, found hidden down it’s ebullient alleyways? What about the far-flung desert hikes that lead to one of Nat Geo’s favourite eco-lodges in the world? Or the exhilaration of swimming, climbing and jumping your way through the gorges of Jordan’s own Grand Canyon?

Of course, we’d never let you leave Jordan without ticking off some of the best-known highlights – but this trip has been built to offer something different. From desert glamping in futuristic domes perfectly located for stargazing to hiking through Petra via a secret route that no one seems to know about; this is the Jordan you imagined, and then some.

What's Included

  • Max 14 travelers per group
  • Exclusively for people in their 30s & 40s
  • All activities mentioned on the itinerary
  • 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 7 dinners
  • Stay in hand-picked 3-5 star hotels
  • We offset 0.51 tCO2e (carbon) per person on this trip
  • Tips for the guide & driver
  • Private minibus
  • Arrival Airport transfer
  • Accommodation in twin rooms
  • Experienced Pack Leader with you throughout the trip

Flashpackers are required to produce proof of COVID-19 vaccination at least 30 days before departure. Remember, flights aren't included and prices are based on sharing a twin room. If you'd like to upgrade to a single room, you can add this during the booking process or by contacting our Customer Experience team.


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Your Itinerary

  • Day 01 A five-star welcome

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    Welcome to Amman, a city that, unusually for the Middle East, feels young. It’s a place where crumbling monuments stand amongst sparkling high-rises, art galleries and trendy cafes; a new era fuelled by the progressiveness of the next generation. It’s a safe and highly explorable city, so upon arrival at your hotel, we’ll equip you with the best insider tips for your free time here. Think bustling souks, bohemian tea rooms and the best kunafa in the city.  Having settled in and met your group as they arrive throughout the day or evening, you’ll dine together at an authentic local restaurant. Afterwards, you might have just enough time to bask in your five-star hotel’s rooftop pool and sip a nightcap overlooking the city.

  • Day 02 Canyoning thrills

    Card image

    First up today: a back-street exploration of Amman. On this insightful walking tour, you’ll forgo the tourists in exchange for a closer look at the inner workings of the city. From the din of locals haggling in vibrant souks to the delicious smells that will lead you to the best falafel in Amman; your senses will be in overdrive as you explore deeper and deeper. Now for the vast nothingness of Wadi Mujib. Some 410 metres below sea level, Jordan’s answer to the Grand Canyon is a world of rugged gorges and river systems. The perfect spot then, for canyoning*; a challenge made easier by the camaraderie of your group. Expect to wade, scramble and slide over rocks and waterfalls, with a final leap of faith into a deep pool. Later on, you’ll be transferred to your beautiful hotel on the shores of the Dead Sea, where you’ll get to experience the incredible sensation of floating weightlessly in the salty water, and watch a vibrant sunset. *Traveling between November and April? For safety reasons, canyoning can’t take place, but your foodie alternative won’t disappoint…Situated in one of Amman’s oldest neighborhoods, Beit Sitti has become somewhat of an institution, and you’ll quickly understand why. The owners, all sisters, have opened the kitchen of their old family home to let people in on the secrets of their family cooking. Here you’ll be taught to cook traditional Jordanian cuisine, and then get to feast on the fruits of your labor.


    Card image

    Today will see you all head over to the Dana Biosphere Reserve, an area steeped in biodiversity bordering Israel and Palestine. You’ll be trekking a fairly challenging 14 kilometres across rocky sand dunes, pink valleys and open plains. When you finally reach your remote eco-lodge, you’ll feel a real sense of achievement and welcome the cool towel and drink that’s waiting and ready for your arrival.  Named by National Geographic Traveler as one of the world’s best eco-lodges, and one of the top-50 places to stay if you care about the planet; Feynan Eco Lodge is a destination in itself. On a clear night, you can expect to be led to the rooftop, mint tea in hand, and look on as you’re taken on an astrological journey, constellations and planets clearly pointed out to you with a futuristic laser.

  • Day 04 A morning at Feynan

    Card image

    Wake up and enjoy some free time to fall in love with Feynan Eco Lodge even more. If you’re not feeling too achy from yesterday’s hike, you can head out on a more gentle tour of the area with a local bedouin and further discover the area’s unique flora and fauna. Or how about a cooking class, or mountain biking? By the time you’ve feasted on a vegetarian lunch and are ready to leave, you’ll feel like you’ve experienced and understood true Jordanian desert living – and left barely a footprint on the planet, too. From Feynan Eco Lodge, you’ll begin your journey to Jordan’s most famous icon: Petra. But don’t expect the norm, you’ll be experiencing this beauty from a wholly unique perspective tomorrow…

  • Day 05 Secret Passage to Petra

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    This morning, you’ll hike into Petra via its secret back door, a 15-kilometer route the world seems to have forgotten (or not yet found). Relish being the only group in sight as you ascend a steep stairway over the rocks and explore the labyrinth of caves, temples and tombs chiseled out of the dusty-pink cliffs. With huge drops alongside you and endless ruins to discover on this, at times, challenging route, there’s no doubt you’ll feel like Indiana Jones when you finally reach the impressive Monastery. Then it’s on to the Theater, the Street of Facades and Petra’s famous postcard spot: the spectacular Treasury.  After an action-packed day in the Rose City, you’ll get to replenish your stores as the Bedouins do, but that’s all we’ll say, for now…

  • Day 06 Jeeps & desert glamping

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    It’s time. The other-worldly rolling red dunes of Wadi Rum are calling. Jump aboard a fleet of desert jeeps and race through a landscape of jagged mountains and towering sand dunes. As dusk settles in, pick a spot to admire the sunset with your group before setting off to your remote desert lodgings for the night. There’s something almost martian about arriving to the view of futuristic looking pods scattered amongst the sand and mountains of the desert. And once you’re led to your own luxuriously kitted-out pod, it’ll feel even more otherworldly. With uninterrupted views across the desert and out to a blanket of stars – it doesn’t take too much imagination to feel like you’re on the red planet, millions of miles from earth.

  • Day 07 The Red Sea

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    Once the sun is up, you’ll enjoy a final breakfast, and then begin the drive back to Amman. On the way, you’ll stop in Aqaba, where you’ll get to experience snorkelling in the coral-rich Red Sea. Expect colourful marine life and crystal clear waters. Later on arriving in Amman, you’ll have some time to quickly freshen up before your final meal of traditional Jordanian cuisine and a chance to toast an incredible adventure with new friends.

  • Day 08 Goodbye, Jordan

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    After breakfast at the hotel, it’s over to you to make your own way onwards. You’ve hiked over 30 kilometers, canyoned through rugged gorges, glamped beneath the stars and eaten arguably the best and most traditional food you could find. It’s been an adventure, and when those blues inevitably kick in, just let us know when you’re ready for the next one.


We have secured rooms in these hotels on most of our departures. Sometimes this may change but we will choose somewhere of similar quality

Card image

Feynan Ecolodge

How could we ignore Nat Geo naming Feynan as one of the best eco-lodges in the world? The nightly three-course vegetarian meals are a memorable experience, served up alfresco and by candlelight, and the rooftop is great for stargazing.

Card image

Wadi Rum UFO Luxotel

Nothing quite beats star-gazing in the desert, but to be able to do it to your heart’s content before retreating to your bed in a futuristic glamping pod in the middle of the Wadi Rum is an experience on another level entirely. The food and picturesque location make this spot even more outstanding.

Important Notes

Which airport do I need to fly in and out of? Plus airport code

Fly into and out of Amman International Airport (AMM).

Flights into Jordan can arrive at rather unsociable hours, so don’t worry if your flight arrives at around midnight. You won’t be the only one and our friendly team can assist you in booking a pre-night at the hotel so you can check in as soon as you land.

What time should my flight arrive? (to arrive in time for the welcome meeting)

You should ideally arrive before 3pm. The welcome meeting and dinner will be from 6pm onwards starting at the hotel, which is located approximately 40 minutes away from the airport.

On this adventure most travelers tend to arrive a day early, which we can help you organise. Please do get in touch if this is something you would like to add on.

What time should my flight depart on the last day?

There are no activities planned for the last day, so leave any time you wish. The airport is approximately 45 minutes away from the hotel, and your Pack Leader can help you book your transfers the night before if needed.

Do you include airport transfers?

We offer one arrival transfer which is private to Flash Pack and will be in groups depending on flight times. Sometimes this means waiting in the airport for a short while until other flights have arrived so you can make your own way to the first hotel if you wish

We don’t offer a departure transfer as Flashpackers leave at different times of the day and many stay for extra nights. We will offer you support with finding a local taxi.

Do I need a visa?

You will need a visa to enter Jordan, however, it can be obtained upon arrival (or at one of the shared crossing points with Israel), and will cost a total of 40 JOD for UK and US customers.

However, some nationalities may require a pre-issued visa instead. To check if you need a pre-arranged visa or not, please check the list on this link.

Check with the Jordanian authorities if you’re planning to cross the Wadi Araba/south border crossing (Aqaba/Eilat) or the Allenby/King Hussein Bridge. An exit tax, currently 10JD, is payable at all border crossings, except the airports.

How much should I budget per day for extras?

Approximately 30 JD, the equivalent of £31 per day. Guide tips and driver tips are included in the cost.

What fitness levels do I need for this trip?

We recommend having a read-through of the itinerary above, and getting in touch if you have specific questions on fitness here. Overall, Jordan is one of our more active adventures with a few lengthy hikes, so we recommend joining us on this one if you are fit enough to hike for five+ hours, and don’t mind doing so in temperatures of 20-30 degrees Celsius. You will have to walk in desert-like heat at some points. The hike to Petra is the most challenging, but the views along the way are totally worth it. Canyoning is also a great, adventurous activity requiring some upper body strength to pull yourself up rocks. Those with a fear of water may not want to take part. The Shaq Al Reesh hike (from Dana To Feynan Lodge) is 14 kilometers long, and the back trail hike to Petra is 15 kilometers. Both are moderate to difficult.

Will this itinerary change?

Please be aware that the itinerary, activities, and hotels are subject to change. These changes are rare but can happen with little notice due to availability, poor weather, seasonal changes, or other circumstances beyond our control – but we’ll always do our best to ensure it has little impact on your experience. From time to time, we may also make changes to your itinerary to try out new ideas and keep things fresh and exciting which we will always try and communicate to you.

In the case of this particular itinerary, there are some key things to note:

1. Canyoning is only available between the summer months of May – October due to safety reasons. As an alternative activity between November and April, travelers will enjoy an award-winning and immersive cooking class experience with a family in Amman.

What about Ramadan? Will it affect my trip?

Ramadan will begin on the evening of 2nd April and continue until 2nd May 2022. Your itinerary is not expected to change during Ramadan as tourists sites will remain open, as will our first choice restaurants. However, fewer restaurants and hotels will be serving alcohol. If you are in Jordan during this time, we anticipate that you will be able to buy alcohol whilst in Amman and at the Dead Sea, however it is unlikely you will be able to buy drinks in other parts of the country.

What should I pack?

If you’re traveling during the summer months (May-September), you’ll need to bring lightweight and breathable clothing suitable for the soaring temperatures. In the evenings, it can get chilly in the desert, so packing some warmer tops and a light jacket will help make sure that you’re prepared. You’ll spend some evenings by a fire, and your clothes may smell smokey, so it’s worth bringing a few spare clothes to change into afterwards.

Generally, it’s a good idea to keep your shoulders and knees covered where possible. This not only fits in with Jordanian culture, but it also keeps the sun and insects off of your skin. If you feel more comfortable in shorts and t-shirts, they are fine to wear as long as they are not too revealing or low cut.

If you have any questions about what to pack for your trip to Jordan, please get in touch with one of our friendly Trip Experts.


  • A large backpack or suitcase. It’s up to you whether you bring a backpack or a suitcase, but a soft-sided bag is best for packing into transfer vehicles.

  • A day bag. This will need to be big enough for your daily essentials such as water and your camera.


  • Light tops with sleeves. Longer sleeves will be very handy for keeping insects and the sun off of your skin during activities. Generally, t-shirts are great for activities, but for cultural reasons, we don’t recommend revealing tank tops or crop tops.

  • Lightweight outdoor pants. For the more adventurous activities, such as hiking and scrambling, it’s a great idea to bring a pair of outdoor pants that you don’t mind getting dirty.

  • Activewear. Breathable and lightweight materials will help you stay comfortable when getting active.

  • Linen pants. On the more relaxing days, linen trousers are a great way to keep cool.

  • Swimwear. You may want to bring one pair for getting muddy and one pair for relaxing.

  • Clothes suitable for getting wet/muddy. During the canyoning, you will get soaking wet, so an old t-shirt and an old pair of shorts would be ideal.

  • Modest clothing. You are required to cover your arms and legs before you enter a temple in Jordan, so please make sure that you have some appropriate clothing.

  • Wrap/head scarf . You can buy these locally in Jordan and they’re great for covering your head and wrapping around yourself when necessary.

  • Fleeces/sweaters/light jackets. Between October and May, evenings can get chilly, so packing warmer clothes is a good idea. If you’re traveling in the summer, just a light jacket will do.

  • Jeans/warm pants (winter only). During the winter months, you’ll need to bring some warmer trousers for the cold nights.

  • Warm pyjamas/ bedclothes and socks (winter only). During the winter months, it’s worth bringing some warmer clothes to wear to bed.

  • Gloves (winter only). During the winter months, you may find it handy to bring some gloves for the cold desert evenings.

  • Sunglasses/sunhat. The sun is likely to be strong during the day, so protecting yourself is important.


  • Hiking shoes. There’s a lot of hiking on this trip, so make sure that your hiking shoes are comfortable and well worn-in before your trip.

  • Comfortable, breathable shoes. For general wear, a pair of sneakers are perfect.

  • Spare ‘grippy’ shoes. During the canyoning, your shoes will get soaking wet, so having a separate pair of grippy shoes, like an old pair of sneakers, is recommended.

  • Sandals/flip-flops. Great for relaxing during the day.


  • Electricals and chargers

  • Plug socket adaptor. Plug sockets vary in Jordan, European two-pin plugs and British 3-pin plugs are both widely used. (Types C and G)

  • Refillable water bottle. This will help to reduce our plastic footprint.

  • Torch/head torch. This will be useful for your time in the desert.

  • Beach towel. Your hotels will provide bath towels, but for swimming elsewhere, you’ll need to bring a towel. A travel towel will help to save space.

  • Eye mask and earplugs. If you’re a light sleeper, you may feel more comfortable bringing an eye mask and earplugs.

  • Waterproof camera. If you have one, you can capture fantastic underwater footage during the canyoning.


  • Any personal medication you require.

  • Personal toiletries.

  • Painkillers.

  • Anti-bacterial gel.

  • Insect repellant.

  • Lip balm with SPF.

  • Moisturiser.

  • High SPF factor sun cream.

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