5 signs you urgently need an adventure

Let me guess, you’re feeling burned out from work and have told yourself that after that one big project, you’ll take a holiday.

But then another project crops up. And another. And another. Before you know it, you’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of work, work, work and you haven’t taken proper time off in a year. Boo.

Even if you love your job, we all need a little headspace from time to time to rediscover the spring in your step and enjoy a good spot of mindful travel.

Here are five key signs that you’re heading for burnout and it’s time to BOOK THOSE TICKETS.

You dream about work

Taking your work home with you is one thing, dreaming about it all night is another. If thoughts of to-do lists and meeting plans are interrupting your all-important 40 winks, it’s likely you’re not giving yourself the down time you need to rest and recharge. Not only does this make you feel exhausted, but it can affect the quality of your work – so it’s in your boss’ best interests for you to kick back on a tropical beach (clearly).

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It’s time to widen those horizons, fire up that imagination and make room for some more exciting dreams. We reckon hiking in the Peruvian mountains will do the trick. Or, how about glamping in the deserts of Morocco? After a day of exploring the colourful souks of Marrakech and enjoying sunset camel rides, those meeting minutes and complex spreadsheets will be a distant memory…

You can’t remember the last time you read for pleasure

Philippines solo group

Free newspapers on the train don’t count. If you’ve got an ever-growing pile of books that you never get around to reading, treat yourself to some time off to tackle it. Escaping into another world for a while is a great way to feel less stressed and return to work feeling refreshed.

Whilst you could do this from the comfort of your sofa, we reckon it might be that bit more relaxing in a hammock on the island voted the world’s best island, or maybe in a cosy glamping pod beside a frozen lake? Just make sure you’re not too engrossed in your reading to miss the Northern Lights.

Your social media is full of other people’s holiday snaps

Tatio Geysers

Ok, ok. We all know that social media is more of a “highlights reel” than a representation of real-life – but if your own personal highlight reel consists of little more than commuting and hurried lunch breaks, maybe it’s time to make a few changes.

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This is your time to get revenge on all those “my Monday is better than yours” posts and the exotic “my office for the week” shots of infinity pools and cold beers. Nothing will get those likes rolling in faster than a picture of you bathing a rescued elephant in Sri Lanka or a sunset snap of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar.

Your suitcase is dusty

Eastern Cape

Your suitcase is there to be used, not store all of your winter clothes. If it’s collecting dust, perhaps it’s time to remember why you got it in the first place – for all of those exciting adventures you were planning before work got in the way. (Also applies to hidden away passports and previously mentioned pile of books).

Pack your camera and swim gear for an unforgettable trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, where you’ll have the chance to spend a night in a traditional junk boat and kayak through the limestone caves of Halong Bay. Or, throw in your safari hat and head to the wilds of South Africa. The summit of Table Mountain and the glittering Cape Peninsula await.

You have zero enthusiasm for daily life


This is perhaps the biggest warning sign of all that it’s time to shake things up. If your life has become one long and monotonous routine and you’re wondering if that’s all there really is, it’s definitely time for a new mind-set.

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We’ve found that mindful travel and walking up somewhere awesome (instead of in your bed at 6am on a gloomy Monday morning) REALLY helps. Reignite your zest for life in the rainforests of Tayrona, or find a new passion while canyoning through the Wadi Mujib in Jordan. You’ll return home with a fresh new perspective – and a whole bunch of incredible memories.

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Images: Shutterstock, Flash Pack

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