Finland Trips

Why Finland?

Deep pine forests, shimmering lakes and skies which play host to the Northern Lights and midnight sun. Let Finland’s wilderness revitalise you.

There are few places where you’ll feel the shifting intensity of nature as you will in Finland. Summer is the season of the midnight sun, where limitless sunshine brings life to expansive lakes and woodlands. Move onto winter, and we’re talking about another world altogether; one of white forests, frozen lakes dusted with snow and the silent remote wilderness. And when the first shimmers of the Northern Lights peek out between the stars, you’ll know true magic is happening.

There are many fine ways to embrace Finland’s winter majesty. Venture into the heart of Lapland on an atmospheric reindeer ride, master the techniques of cross-country skiing as you navigate through depths of pure snow, and gather around a fire after nightfall with a local shaman.

Visit Finland with us in winter, and we’ll show you the raw beauty of the Arctic wilderness.

Finland facts

What's the temperature like?

South and central Finland tends to experience mild, warm summers. The average summer temperature is 21C (70F), while winter averages 3C (37F).

3 °c

Average temp in winter

What are the national languages?

Finnish & Swedish

What's the currency?



Finland’s timezone is GMT +2 hours or +1 hours during daylight savings time.

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