5 signs it’s time for a singles holiday

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First off, this isn’t match.com for solo travel.  We don’t mean a ‘find your soul mate’ kind of holiday (although we never say never).  We mean a break for one, a solo holiday for the single traveller, a solo travel getaway, but with the added bonus of a small group of fellow solo travellers who are also ready for an adventure tour of a lifetime.  It’s a group tour for solo travellers who don’t want to travel solo.

1. You haven’t had a holiday for a year

Big giveaway this, you haven’t had a break from work for a year.  There’s the usual excuses – nobody to go with, don’t want to be alone, scared of solo travel.  All this means is that it’s time to focus on yourself, indulge yourself, try something new and embrace the solo traveller within you.

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It’s time for a holiday for one and to get away from work.  It will be there when you get back, believe us, but you need a break from your life, just a small one, and a singles holiday is just the ticket.

2. You want a stress-free holiday

Well, it has been a year! No point taking time out just to end up on a two-week holiday nightmare!  A singles holiday, planned and designed around solo travel is the perfect way to have an adventure without the stress.  The planning?  It’s taken care of.  The activities?  They’re all arranged.  Your fellow single travellers, they’re all the same as you, ready and waiting to become life-long friends.  No stress, just opportunities to try something new and a week or more of adventures worth sharing when you get home.

3. You want a real experience, but don’t want to waste time

There’s nothing stopping you from grabbing that backpack and just heading out.  But, let’s be honest, you’ve done that, and it was fun, but do you really want all the hostels, long bus rides and time spent wondering around.

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You’ve got two weeks left of annual leave, and it’s time to put it to use!  A singles holiday on a group tour means you get a month or more of backpacking condensed into a week or two, with all the excitement and adventure of backpacking, but built for a professional that wants solo travel done in style.

4. You want to meet like-minded people

Speaking of backpacking, weren’t all those people you met along the way great?  Yes, but they were alse 20, unemployed, and hadn’t washed for a month.  We’re a little older now, and although the free spirit isn’t dead, it is a little more selective with whom it shares its time.  The great thing about a singles holiday is that it brings singles together, similar age, similar time in their lives.  Your life experiences breed friendship and familiarity, something you’re unlikely to get whilst sharing your current troubles with a backpacker in the hostel social room.

5.  You want to try something new

A singles holiday group tour is the perfect adventure for trying something for the first time, learning something new, uncovering a passion you didn’t you had.  It could be yoga in the desert, surfing on the beach, riding Vespas through the Spanish countryside.  It could be trekking through mountains, cycling through city streets, or just cooking a new cuisine.

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Whatever it is, a singles holiday gives you the opportunity to try something new, in a safe and relaxed environment, with the pleasure of sharing it with your fellow solo travellers.

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