North America

Why North America?

From Alaska to the Caribbean, your inner adventurer will be delighted with the scope of landscapes and cultures to be discovered.

North America is a continent of wild frontiers, from the icy reaches of the Arctic Circle to the swaying palms of the Gulf of Mexico. Here, you’ll encounter a collection cultures shaped by their landscapes, which are as epic and unique as they come.

Our adventures will see you explore the mysterious island of Espiritu Santo, just off the coast of Baja California; immerse yourself in the musical culture of New Orleans; kayak upriver through the Canadian outback, and dive into pristine glacial lakes. By the end of it, you’ll see that North America has just as much to offer as any other exotic destination.

North America facts

From cuisine to landscapes, here are a few things you should know about North America


The current population of North America stands at around 368 million people. The most populated country of the region is the USA, with around 322 million inhabitants. In contrast, Canada has a population of around 37.5 million people.


American music in a word: legendary. This is the country that gave the world blues, jazz, funk and soul. Its cities offer plenty to be explored, from the cultural melting pot of New Orleans to the modern vibrancy of New York.


Some of the most beloved dishes on the continent? Poutine in Canada. Seafood gumbo and crab boil in New Orleans. Salt-beef bagels in New York. North America owes much of its cuisine to its colonial history and blend of influences.


You’ll find some of the most unique landscapes on earth here: the deep red canyons of Arizona, the otherworldly plains of New Mexico (associated with dinosaurs, meteorites and UFOs), the vast serene forests of Canada.


You’ll find alligators around Texas and Louisiana, mountain lions in California and Washington and sea lions off the coast of Northern Mexico. Further north, Canada is home to Arctic species such as lynx, caribou and polar bears.

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