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tour guide Vietnam

Meet Hoang


The thing I love about Flashpackers is that they’re really open-minded. I ran adventures with other groups before, but often they just wanted to lie by the pool in the sun – they weren’t interested in seeing the real side to Vietnam and its people.

But people who come on Flash Pack adventures are different. They’re independent and smart, and they love adventure. 

Guide Donald Sri Lanka

Meet Donald


Flashpackers are unique. We meet other travellers on Sri Lanka at temples, archaeological sites and in popular towns like Ella. But Flashpackers smile more than everyone else; they seem more energetic and free.

And whatever we do on a Flash Pack trip, we do it together – I get everyone involved.

Norway tour guide

Meet Arturs


My favourite part of the Flash Pack trip is really the way that the groups bond and act as a team. Many Flashpackers are solo travellers, and they have a completely different attitude.

I feel very free with the group and I can speak to them about anything. We just get on and enjoy the beautiful nature of Norway together.

Morocco tour guide

Meet Issmail


I love being able to share the excitement that Flashpackers get when they see something for the first time, whether it’s the Atlantic ocean at sunset, or hiking in the Atlas hills.

People who travel with Flash Pack want to discover and learn more about the culture of Morocco, so every chance we have, we interact with local people.

Croatia guide

Meet Luka


The whole idea in Croatia is to wind down and be happy. It’s a completely different mindset.

Normally, you don’t have time to make friends but when you come here, you just relax, and some magic happens. Even after a short time, I see people really hitting it off and making connections.

It’s my job to create this good atmosphere.