Your Pack Leaders

Our Pack Leaders aren’t your average tour guides. Here’s why…

Dedicated guides across the globe

Taking you beyond the obvious and bringing new worlds to life through their knowledge and passion – Flash Pack’s dedicated Pack Leaders are experts at setting the stage for new friendships to form. They’ll be at the heart of your adventure’s success. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure every single one is exceptional. 




Alejandro Gamas

Argentina expert Alejandro lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but craves the pristine landscapes of Patagonia. He’s been guiding for over 15 years.



Suley Erkose

Suley always knew he was destined to become a guide and has a decade of experience leading trips around his beloved homeland, Turkey.



Eva Lois

Experienced Pack Leader Eva was once a tourist in Portugal herself. Now she loves helping others discover this amazing corner of Europe.



Hoang Le

With over 20 years of guiding experience under his belt, Hoang Le is one of our most loved and respected Pack Leaders. In his own words, he truly feels like ‘himself’ when he’s leading a Flash Pack adventure.


Meet Fadi, our Pack Leader in Jordan

Jordan has such a rich history and culture, with unique sites that aren’t found anywhere else in the world. The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth. Petra is an entire city carved in sandstone. The Wadi Rum desert is dubbed the ‘Valley of the Moon’, because Neil Armstrong said it’s the closest thing on earth that resembles the lunar landscape. Jordan is also a tribal country and interacting with local people gives Flashpackers a deeper understanding of the culture and mindset.”

Meet Yogi, our Pack Leader in Bali

“What makes Indonesia so special? Its diversity. We have over 17,000 islands as well as thousands of different races, cultures, languages and religions. Yet we live in harmony under one flag: Indonesia. I live on the island of Bali and people say it’s like a paradise. It has such a beautiful landscape that includes the sea, mountains and farms. We also have a well-preserved spiritual culture which makes visiting here one of the must-do experiences on the planet.”