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To coincide with the strawberry solstice moon this weekend, professional astrologer Crystal B. of Crystal B. Astrology talks us through her celestial-inspired travel guide – to inspire your next escape. 

Most people know their star sign, but your moon sign is your emotional GPS. It’s the spark factor that fuels all of your feelings. And, when it comes to arranging a big trip and traveling to new destinations, taking your moon sign and its unique traits into account can help you to narrow down the dazzling choices on offer. Given the importance of our feelings, I’m all for choosing a location and experience that’ll feed your moon.

In order to do that, first find out your moon sign using my astrology chart generator. Make sure to have your birth date, time and location for the best accuracy. Once you’ve identified your moon sign, read on to find out what adventure will suit you best – based on your personal moon placement and emotional cadence. With the arrival of the strawberry moon over Summer Solstice this weekend, the timing couldn’t be better…

Aries Moon: Bold and daring

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An Aries Moon is emotionally fueled by action, independence and courage. An Aries Moon isn’t afraid to do something big or take a leap into the unknown rather, they’re thrilled by it. There’s a strong desire to act and react to situations.

Core characteristics: Independent, adventurous, courageous, bold, risky, energetic.

Activities that help feed an Aries Moon: Something physical or sporty, competition, hiking, adventuring, extreme sports, sitting by a fire.

Top trip: Bucket-List South Africa
Abseil down Table Mountain, search for octopus in the ocean’s kelp forests and safari the African plains with campfire sundowners.

Taurus Moon: Seeking new roots

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A Taurus Moon needs safety and security in order to feel good. It also enjoys comfortable surroundings and things of beauty. The senses are an important part of emotional connection to place.

Core characteristics: Ambiant, grounded, rock-strong, cautious, prefers safety, sensory experiences, beauty and beautiful things, indulgent.

Activities that help feed a Taurus Moon: Activities that activate the senses, being surrounded by beauty (particularly flowers), slower-paced movements, being near the earth or rocks, singing.

Top trip: Colombia’s Caribbean Coast
Learn the art of ceviche making, take part in an indigenous ritual cleansing and join a drumming workshop to connect with the region’s Afro-Colombian rhythms.

Gemini Moon: Movement and learning

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A Gemini Moon needs to be active, on the go and involved in communication. Movement helps to ease their overactive minds, which can sometimes be prone to worry or over-analyze. There’s also benefits in multi-tasking, and journaling could be healing.

Core characteristics: On the move, restless, talkative, communicative, multi-tasker, playful, easily changeable.

Activities that help feed a Gemini Moon: Socialising, writing, being in the car or on the go, listening to music, learning something new, having an opportunity to discuss topical news.

Top trip: Morocco Highlights
Explore Marrakech by vintage sidecar, sleep beneath the stars in a Berber desert camp, trek the Atlas Mountains and learn local cooking and surfing.

Cancer Moon: Nurtured by nature

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A Cancer Moon is forever feeling many emotions at once. It’s highly changeable and influenced by its surroundings (in positive and negative ways). The best place to be is at home or in a place surrounded by family or close connections.

Core characteristics: Familial, emotionally expressive, moody, intuitive, sensitive, water setting.

Activities that help feed a Cancer Moon: Home design, cooking, being surrounded by water, connecting with nature in a quiet setting where more meaningful chats can happen.

Top trip: Finland’s Secret Island
Fly across frozen landscapes by husky sleigh, admire the Northern Lights, ski in snow-laden forests and savor deep conversations by saunas and campfires.

Leo Moon: Playtime central

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A Leo Moon needs to have a place to shine, lead and feel validated. It’s tenacious, likes to have control over situations and takes great pride in everything it does. There is also a strong emotional connection to creative stimulation, and engaging with your inner child.

Core characteristics: Dramatic setting, stylish, attention-seeking, need to be recognised, creative, playful, fun.

Activities that help feed a Leo Moon: Doing something physical and expressive, being in the sun, getting creative, challenging your courageous side, dressing up more, engaging with leadership skills.

Top trip: East Coast Australia
Learn to surf in Byron Bay, take a 4×4 ride through the rainforest of K’gari, explore the Whitsundays by speedboat, and snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef with a Master Reef Guide.

Virgo Moon: Mind and spirit

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A Virgo Moon operates on an intellectual level when it comes to feelings. Knowledge and facts are its keys. It appreciates organization, which can prove to be calming and de-stressing. Virgo Moons feel happiest accomplishing tasks. 

Core characteristics: Detail-oriented, organized, duty-bound, planner, routine-focused, body, mind and spirit connected, health-conscience.

Activities that help feed a Virgo Moon: Immersing in nature, going for a walk, making a plan, writing a list, journaling, any activity that connects to the body, mind and spirit.

Top trip: Bali Immersion
Meander around hidden temples and beaches, take part in water purification ceremonies, cook up a Balinese garden feast and revel in blissful massages.

Libra Moon: All the beauty

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A Libra Moon enjoys being with others, preferring partnership over being alone. It appreciates beauty and nice things, and does everything possible to keep the peace. Socialising and entertaining fuel its emotions. It has a hard time turning off thoughts.

Core characteristics: Relationship-oriented, harmonious, charming, fair-minded, peaceful, social, friendly, appreciative of beautiful things.

Activities that help feed a Libra Moon: Surrounding oneself with beauty, organizing a social event, being engaged with others, design projects, debating topics with others.

Top trip: Japan: Another World
Stay overnight in a Buddhist temple, hike through Kyoto’s iconic bamboo forest and enjoy the centuries-old meditative beauty of a matcha tea ceremony.

Scorpio Moon: Deep and meaningful

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A Scorpio Moon feels on the deepest level but values control. Many people never realize how deeply Scorpio Moons feel. They are highly intuitive, investigative and psychological. There is an intensity with this placement to go to extremes.

Core characteristics: Deeply emotional, passionate, mysterious, secretive, investigative.

Activities that help feed a Scorpio Moon: Water activities, exploring hidden places, learning more about your inner psyche, exploring new depths, participating in deeper-level connections.

Top trip: Off-Grid In Thailand And Laos
Hike a waterfall in tranquil Chiang Mai, take a slow boat down the Mekong River, meditate with a Buddhist master and witness an alms-giving ceremony in Laos’ Luang Prabang.

Sagittarius Moon: Freedom-seeker

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A Sagittarius Moon thinks big and optimistically. This placement is emotionally fueled by adventure, travel and exploration. It loves nature and connects to wide open spaces. There is a thrill in thinking about limitless possibilities. It also enjoys learning, listening to inspirational stories and sharing its journey.

Core characteristics: Optimistic, positive, off-the-beaten path, open road, freedom-seeker, adventurer, restless.

Activities that help feed a Sagittarius Moon: Travel, learning a new skill or pursuing something educational, engaging with coaching, mentoring or teaching, riding a horse or a bike.

Top trip: Borneo: Into The Jungle
Explore the vast cave system in Sarawak’s Mulu National Park, quad bike through Kiulu Valley, join a nocturnal safari on Kinabatangan River and forage your own jungle feast.

Capricorn Moon: Type II fun

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A Capricorn Moon keeps its emotions tight, always presenting in a calm, cool and collected way. It has great staying power and presents strongly under pressure. This placement knows how to handle hard tasks with ease. It’s emotionally fueled by goals, yearning for success.

Core characteristics: Practical, organized, grounded, cautious, no drama, near trees.

Activities that help feed a Capricorn Moon: Creating new goals, building something, taking on new responsibilities for success, surrounding yourself in nature (particularly trees), connecting to mountains.

Top trip: Ultimate Argentina
Ice-hike across Perito Moreno Glacier, and push your limits with trekking and kayaking through snow-capped peaks near the mighty Mount Fitz Roy.

Aquarius Moon: Out of the ordinary

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An Aquarius Moon values independence and freedom to do what it wants. There is also a powerful ability to want to make the world a better place. Emotional thrills come from shaking things up, as it’s not afraid to disrupt broken systems. 

Core characteristics: Unique, wild, rebellious, solo traveler, needs to have independence and control.

Activities that help feed an Aquarius Moon: Getting involved with your community, doing something out of the ordinary, finding new ways to connect to space or the solar system, doing something that fuels independence.

Top trip: Rwanda: Gorilla-Trekking & Volcanoes
Marvel at mountain gorillas in their natural habitat on the slopes of the Virunga volcanoes, hike and kayak on beautiful Lake Kivu and knock back houseboat sundowners. 

Pisces Moon: Oceans and romance

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A Pisces Moon is highly sensitive, imaginative and impressionable. Like the sea it connects to, there will always be an ocean of emotions. It is a true empath with a wild imagination and profound creative abilities.

Core characteristics: Water setting, boats, connected to the ocean, empath, dreamy, escape, creative, go with the flow, romantic.

Activities that help feed a Pisces Moon: Being by the ocean, listening to music, massaging the feet, reflexology, taking a sound bath, getting involved in a creative project.

Top trip: Mythical Crete
Voyage over the rugged White Mountains by 4×4, uncover Minoan mysteries on a private tour of Knossos, taste wine and olive oil in boutique rural vineyards and beach-hop between islands by boat.

Find out more about your moon sign in Feed Your Moon: Predictive & Mindful Astrology One Phase at a Time by astrologer Crystal B. 

Images: Flash Pack and Unsplash

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