…solo traveller. We’re starting a movement in 2019, and we need you.

A movement to empower 30 and 40-something solos to stop saying ‘not yet’. Two small but powerful words, that could alter a path, change a mindset, stop you from experiencing something epic.

Just think. What have you been putting off? Saying ‘not yet’ to? Well, 2019’s the year to act on it. To try new things. To join the pack. And we’re here to help.

 Here at Flash Pack, we’re all about incredible adventures, boutique stays and meaningful relationships. The sort of travel experiences that can change your life, and your mindset.

So, are you ready to embrace your freedom, and tick off as many ‘not yets’ as possible in 2019 – alongside other likeminded solos? Great. Welcome onboard.

So, what are your ‘not yets’? What have you always wanted to achieve? Where have you always wanted to go?

We bet we can find a trip to fit the bill.

A trip on which you’ll say no to ‘not yets’ alongside like-minded solos.

Ready to act on your ‘not yets’?

Keep scrolling. Find your trip.

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