“It’s beautiful to see”: 7 powerful truths on friendship from Flash Pack’s Pack Leaders

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If Flash Pack was to have one superpower (and who knows, we may have several) it’s our ability to foster incredible friendships within the space of a relatively short adventure. Time and again, we see how like-minded people who travel together also forge deep-rooted bonds – often to the extent that they share a profound and lasting connection by the time a trip has ended. 

No-one sees this chemistry more clearly than our Pack Leaders. Flash Pack’s guides have a front-row seat to the magic of new friendships, and they’re integral to helping that dynamic take shape, too. Not only that, they themselves are also a core part of the group, taking on the honorary role of a close friend or even sibling (your words, not ours!)

So in ode to our fabulous Pack Leaders the world over, here are some of their best, most uplifting insights on the art of Flash Pack friendship. Dive in for a torrent of feel-good vibes and get planning your next trip.

“It’s like they’ve been friends forever”

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“I was amazed to see how quickly everyone connects. In less than two days, people are having these great, deep conversations. It’s like they’ve been friends forever. Typically we build this family-like structure, where we end up going for meals together even when it’s not in the schedule. I feel very much part of the gang and each group stays chatting and sharing future adventures long after our time in Argentina has ended.” 

Alejandro Gamas is Pack Leader for Flash Pack’s Argentina adventure

“I’m aware of this deep connection”

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“I’m aware of this deep connection where Flashpackers make friends quickly – even within the short nine days we share together. It’s amazing to see. At this point, leading Flash Pack adventures doesn’t even feel like work to me. It’s just a chance to meet great people and make new friendships while introducing people to all that I love about Thailand.” 

Gong Ratanaphaisal is Pack Leader for Flash Pack’s Thailand adventure.

“We still send messages all the time”

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“I led my first ever trip with Flash Pack earlier this year and it was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed the small-group dynamic. I loved seeing this group of strangers get to know one another and become friends over the course of eight action-packed days together. We know each other now: we’ve made new friends and we still send messages to one another all the time.” 

Faten Ibrahem is Pack Leader for Flash Pack’s Egypt adventure

“It makes my heart full to see”

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 “One of the things I love most about Flashpackers is that they are so like-minded; they’re very connected to each other. It goes beyond meeting a friend; by the end of the adventure, our groups feel more like family members. I love that moment when Flashpackers are experiencing their best adventure, and they’re telling me, ‘I’m so happy!’ Everyone’s getting along and having fun, and it makes my heart really full to see.” 

Rupert Andres is Pack Leader for Flash Pack’s Philippines adventure

“It’s always emotional to say goodbye”

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“It’s always emotional to say goodbye when the trip comes to an end. Some people can’t do it. But it’s amazing how well we stay in touch on WhatsApp or Instagram to keep the connection going. It may be the end of our adventure, but I always know it’s the beginning of a friendship together.”

Ismail Ingriou is Pack Leader for Flash Pack’s Morocco adventures

“People want to spend time together”

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“I think Flash Pack does a great job in setting the group dynamic. As solo travelers, everyone is always very open to adventure and spending time with one another. I always enjoy the mix of my groups. We only have a week together, but friendships – and sometimes couples – form quickly, often within the space of two or three days. It’s beautiful to see.” 

Eva Lois is Pack Leader for Flash Pack’s Portugal adventure

“Everyone is one big happy family”

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“People come to Jordan as strangers, and they leave as friends; which is what Flash Pack is all about. My favorite stage of the group is the farewell dinner – not because I’m relieved that it’s the end (as everyone jokes) – but because, by this point, everyone is one big happy family. We sit together as friends; we’re connected and talking over our memories, looking back on the adventure we’ve shared. It’s a very special, and satisfying, moment. I love it.”

Fadi Abu Jaber is founder of the travel brand Jordanality and Pack Leader for Flash Pack’s Jordan adventure.

Flash Pack is a group travel company that specializes in small group adventures for solo travelers in their 30s and 40s. Find out more about how we work, and our mission to build a global community of friendships

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