Flash Pack, Together

Join our mission to form one million friendships through group adventure.

Let's reconnect


Hello Flashpacker.

We’re back, and overjoyed to be reunited with our incredible community. Over the last 18 months, we’ve all been in some form of isolation, a separation that’s taken its toll on our mental health. Human connection – we believe the single, most important pillar of our wellbeing – is in crisis. We demand change, and we can fix it together one new friendship at a time.

In 2019, we created 50,000 friendships. But in the last 18 months, we created none. That’s why we’re on a renewed mission to fuel one million friendships through adventure travel. To use the power of togetherness and the magic of discovery to soothe the soul. To use group adventure and the unstoppable energy of new connection as the tonic to our frazzled minds. Join our mission to reconnect with each other and reawaken your very best self.

Flash Pack is back – together.

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