Like-minded people

Join a group of like-minded travellers

At Flash Pack, we connect like-minded professionals in their 30s and 40s. We have a kind-people only policy: It’s important that every new Flashpacker we welcome aboard shares our friendly and open-minded values. We also curate the group dynamic, so that everyone is on the same wavelength. Around 95% of Flashpackers fly solo and most are single but this is about friendship rather than dating. Join our community of free-spirits at a similar life stage for adventures all over the world.

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Your escape

Choose your dream adventure

Do you fancy a whirlwind weekend or a two-week spectacular? Are you a decadent foodie or a daring mountaineer? Do you prefer tropical sunshine or vast open snowscapes? With over 50 global trips, there’s no shortage of choice. Once you’ve chosen a trip, secure your place with a small deposit and pay in full 90 days before you leave. You can personalise your adventure with extras, too: live chat with our Travel Escape Artists to find out more

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Meet the group

Connect with your Flash Pack crew

Adventure booked, it’s time to (virtually) meet your guide and fellow Flashpackers. With your permission, we’ll connect you via a private WhatsApp group. Get chatting and ask questions on the run-up to your adventure. Around this stage, we’ll also match you with a same-sex, like-minded roomie. You don’t have to share a room but it’ll save you money and most Flashpackers find it enhances the trip. Then, get booking your insurance and international flights.

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Get set, go

Adventurers, we are a-go! Whatever time of day you arrive in your country of choice, we’ll pick you up from the airport with a private transfer, and whisk you to your hotel for welcome drinks. Booking flights is the only part of the trip you have to do yourself: the rest we take right out of your hands. From permits to hotels and standout experiences, we’ll do the legwork. Simply rock up armed with a sense of wanderlust and let us rock your world.

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Value for money

We take care of your hard-earned cash

We’re more expensive than the average travel company and that’s because our trips are brimming with standout experiences; the kind you won’t find elsewhere. Every little detail is taken care of, and we curate our adventures in a way that would be impossible to replicate solo. We also stay at boutique hotels, with swimming pools, hot tubs and rooftop bars. All this means Flashpackers constantly rank us as good value for money 

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No more ordinary

Unique and local experiences

We revel in extraordinary moments that capture the thrill of travel – whether that’s a twilight snow trek in the Canadian wilderness or glamping on a secret Philippines beach. Our team of adventure architects hunt down the best, most unique experiences and bring them alive, with the help of in-the-know locals. Sidestep the maddening crowds and dive headfirst into meaningful adventure; the kind that light you up within.

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We'vegot yourback

Experienced guides, insider knowledge

Your safety is our top priority. We only use the most experienced guides whom we trust implicitly, and who know their countries inside out. They are your first point of contact for security during your trip, and you can also live chat with our London team any time. We also constantly review our destinations for up-to-the-minute advice. Rest assured, you’ll be comfortable and safe throughout your adventure.

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How you can make a positive difference

We believe in making a positive contribution to the world we travel in, which is why we’ve set up the  Flash Pack Foundation. We’ve pledged to support local communities, reduce plastic waste and become carbon neutral by 2023

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